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Release of 0.61

This release is a bugfix release, that fixes two critical bugs that have remained undiscovered for some time now. Please upgrade as soon as possible.

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2005-08-08

Release of 0.60

Finally, after over a year, this release marks another milestone in the project. The two most important new features are the configuration and logging system, which offer you both great flexibility and have been recoded with future support for modules in mind. For those of you who have not kept track of the unstable branch:
The new configuration file structure is block based, very much like the one of unreal, though technically completely different.
The logging system allows you to specify exactly which kind of messages are logged where to. You can have them go into a file, globalops, or even into a channel if you feel like it.
Of course, there is alot more work behind this release, refer to the ChangeLog if you are interested.
Also, CVS information is included in this release. If you want to get this version over CVS, make sure to add "-r stable" before the "kickservices" modulename to get the right branch.... read more

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2005-07-09

Release of 0.59

This package now contains at last a completely revamped logging system. It gives you very much power about what you actually want to see in your logs and how you want to backup them. I also want to welcome ace to our team, who will do minor fixes in the source code. He also put in much work in converting the old logging functions (about 380) to the new logging system. Without his help, you would not have had a release yet.
It is definitely worth taking a look at this newer version. I still have it in the unstable branch for further testing and ironing out last glitches before releasing a new stable version.

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2005-04-05

Release of 0.58

This package includes the new configuration system for services, as promised. Forget Agent, forget the old configuration file.
The configuration file syntax is much like the one of Unreal3.2 and has been written with module support in mind.
Rehashing works now.
I have reintroduced support for sending emails over sendmail instead of SMTP.
For the debuggers out there: you don't need to enter "handle SIGUSR2 nostop noprint" anymore. I changed that the email thread is not being waked up by signals anymore.... read more

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2004-09-12

Critical bug has been found

Allessandro has found a bug that enables any user without admin access to crash services.
I have released a patch in the Patch section of this Project. Make sure to download it and follow the instructions that come with the page where you download the patch from.
(This was one of these really stupid type of bugs again, where two wrong characters can make the difference)

Since I am posting news anyways, I thought I could update you on the progress I am doing with the new configuration system. The parser is almost done, and work is going on well. I hope I can release another unstable version very soon, and then after some testing have a new stable version for download.

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2004-08-06

New package released in the unstable branch.

For the first time since a long time I have released an unstable packet to the world.
It already includes many changes, compared to the stable branch, including the fixes in the Bugtracker that have not made their way into the stable version yet. If you decide to install it, make sure to read through the INSTALL file again, the installation routines have been changed as well. Please be aware, that as this explicitly is an unstable version you have a higher risk of services crashing or data loss occuring.... read more

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2004-06-05

Release of 0.54

This latest version is solely a bugfix version. Upgrading is strongly advised.

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2004-05-08

Attention: Critical Bug found!

Thanks to the report of Evil_Smurf, I have found a critical bug, that will crash services after a small amount of time. This bug only appears when you have configured services without the --enable-working-debug command line parameter!
To see how to fix it, go to the "Patches" section of the SourceForge site. All information needed is in the patch item there.

To give you a status update on my current work:
I am right now working on a new configuration system that is much more flexible than the old one and will pave the way for more complex things like module and IPv6 Support in future versions of KickServices.

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2004-04-03

New developers

with the introduction of CVS to my project, I have now added Deltaflyer and Rocko as developers of this project.

Rocko will be taking care of the documentation part of services, whereas Deltaflyer will iron out simple bugs in services.

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2004-02-20

CVS Repository now online

With the upgrade to the kdevelop 3.0.0 IDE I now also actively use CVS. This means, the most updated (and probably unstable) versions of my services can be got over CVS, see the CVS link on this project page.

Please note, that as of the next versions of kickservices, the debugging is going to be started using the configure parameter --enable-debug and not --enable-working-debug anymore.

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2004-02-18

File corrupt

Apparently, the tar.bz2 for the latest release was corrupt. I have reuploaded a new version, I checked now and it seems to work. Thanks to rsc for informing me.

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2004-02-10

Final Release for 0.53

I guess, some of you guys out there must have thought, it would never be coming anymore.
What's new?
Only bug fixes. I have found two critical bugs, where users can cause a crash. It has been fixed now in the most recent versions.
Well, I still haven't found the duplicate users bug, but it is very hard to track down anyways. Much indicates that there's a bug in UnrealIRCd responsible, but it is also possibly a bug in my services. Meanwhile, I have included a hack that will take care of the bug so you can live with it without any great disturbances.... read more

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2004-02-07

Release of RC3

Noteworthy things:
new Unreal 3.2 beta18 flood channel mode is supported crudely, without very good syntax checks.
A few crash bugs have been fixed.

I strongly encourage to upgrade.

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2003-10-24

Release of RC2

I have decided to release a release candidate 2, as a few serious errors have been fixed. (and possibly a few new ones introduced, but we'll see about that in the RC3). Meanwhile, have fun with this version.

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2003-10-03

Release of RC1

With this release, I have officially started the new stable branch.

This new release only contains one important bugfix since the BETA version, to fix a bug that could make services freeze after a netsplit and server rejoin, plus two minor changes, consult the changelog for more information.

When I deem the release candidate versions fit and bugfree enough, I am going to release a stable 0.53 version.

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2003-08-31

Release of BETA

Finally, it has arrived. A public BETA version of my services. This BETA generally means following: All Features that I wanted to see in the 0.53 branch have been done. Also, the ALPHA6 had some time for bugfixing and maturing - thus I am confident that we will very soon have a stable version that can be used without bad conscience in productive environments.
Once again the most important changes listed:... read more

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2003-08-31

Release of ALPHA6 - and future project development

After a long time of work and many many changes I have finally decided to release an ALPHA6 of this package. This is going to be the last release declared as ALPHA, as the services are getting stabler and stabler and have matured considerably.

The most important changes summed up here:

1. The last feature I have taken out of the original auspice services and not reimplemented until ALPHA5, namely NickServ AUTH, has been reintroduced with this release. The Buddy/Ignore system from nickserv plays a very large role - together with it users have a powerful control over who may add them to channel access lists or who must request approval in order to achieve this.... read more

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2003-07-11

Still working

Don't let the activity percentilage of SourceForge fool you, I am still working on kickservices and a release.

I have made a few bug fixes, updated .c files and .h files are available at and

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2003-04-29

Another few bugs killed, next release preview

With the time that ALPHA5 was being deployed I got infos about services crashing right at startup when they are not ran with debugging symbols. After a bit of research and thanks to ace and Ricky who generously supplied me with enough info to find out where the error is, I was able to isolate the bug.
Also, the proxy scanning for open wingate and cisco routers have been improved and now work properly. The list of changes overall:... read more

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2003-03-15

Unintended DoS

There exists a small little bug in the files that I have uploaded before these news that make services send many many many packets to the scanned host on port 23. I STRONGLY advise you to redownload these files if you have downloaded these services on the same day as these news have been written if you don't want to test how much traffic can be generated by your server.

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2003-03-05

Release of ALPHA5

This release again addresses several crashs.
It is also possible now to specify akick reasons. Thanks to Rocko for completing the documentation with the reasons.

The main feature now is the asynchronous resolver though. Hostname adresses are not looked up one by one anymore but concurrently like the scanner, so there is no bottleneck anymore. It also enabled me to check a dns black list ...

This is also a next major point:
These services now support the reporting of proxies to the BOPM blacklist, and looking up from said dns black list.
The proxy scanner has also been improved considerably (socks4/5 proxy recognition) as well as wingate - also the scanning of open CISCO routers and the so called "CCProxy" has been integrated.... read more

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2003-03-04

Next release preview

Yes, I know, you haven't heard from me for some time now, but rest assured that I was not idle.
I'd like to announce again what you can expect to have with the next version - it will be ALPHA5.

What has been changed? Well - of course a few bugs making services crash have been fixed again. Much better email address validation (if the email is nonconformant with the RFC it gets denied) and many many many small details. Those small bugs that have to be fixed before I am ready to release an official beta anyways, a more complete list of those is going to be included in the ChangeLog of the next release.... read more

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2003-02-26

Release of ALPHA4

I have incorporated various bugfixes into these services over the last month. Various BSD compiling, threading and crashing problems have been erradicated.

Another candy has been readded: it is possible again to enable the sending of memos over emails.

Also, if the proxy scanner ran into a port with an mp3 streaming server, services will _NOT_ receive this data unto the end of the days (better expressed: until the next crash occurs).

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2003-01-31

Status update

A few status updates:

Debugging kickservices is proceeding quickly, I have fixed many crash bugs since the last release.

Firstly, I have found and fixed a few bugs that made services crash in the hostname lookup functions, and a few BSD pthread issues.
The Proxy scanner was until shortly also incompatible with BSD, but the critical sections of the source code has been ported, and the scanner is working flawlessly as it seems on BSD now.
Also there were some thread issues related with auspices old way of making timeouts work that only worked on BSD (i did not even recognize they were there for the goal of having timeouts be run at the appropriate time, even if services are idle)... read more

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2003-01-08

Release of ALPHA3

This release contains the promised features and changes mentioned in the release preview. If you want to be able to send and receive emails, you MUST have an smtp server you can use to send mails. I have fully removed the dirty sendmail hack by fully functional smtp sending routines. To realize mail sending without delay I let the mail sending routines use yet another thread.

Another thing now working is the validate routines, it means that a user must first enter an activation code before they can start using their nick.... read more

Posted by Thilo Schulz 2002-12-24

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