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Kiax 2.1 Beta 1 Released

Happy New Year!

It is time for a new Kiax release. This time we'll release two betas before the actual release, because there are some significant changes in the call routite and we'd like to have it tested before calling it stable. A new feature is the .tel support for contacts and direct calls. For those who are interested in branding and business use Kiax has now a richer HTTP API and an alternative layout, which can be selected in compile time.... read more

Posted by Emo 2009-01-02

Binary support libraries available

Hi everyone,

Some kiax users and developers were asking to publish pre-compiled binaries for windows and linux, which would help in compiling the whole Kiax package. From today they are available on sourceforge. Please, follow the link below:


Posted by Emo 2008-10-21

Kiax ver 2.0 Released

Happy Greetings!

Finally, Kiax ver. 2.0 has been released. We hope this release will be useful for most of you for everyday usage. We haven't yet reached the complete feature set of the old 0.8.x series but we think it is more important to ship what we have stable and continue development by adding the missing functionality (i18n, multiple accounts, call transfer and finer settings). During the beta period we had cleaned up some annoying bugs for which we'd like to thank everybody who participated.... read more

Posted by Emo 2008-09-24

Kiax2-Beta2 available on Mac x86

A Mac x86 version of Kiax2-beta2 is available for download. It has been developed on Leopard and currently only tested with 10.5.3 x86. Once we have some feedback most possibly a universal binary will be available as well. Please test on older releases of Mac OS. Any comments/suggestions are happily accepted ;)


Posted by Emo 2008-06-26

Kiax ver 2. Beta 2


Kiax 2 Beta 2 is available for download. Currently Linux and Windows binaries are available. Within next few days Mac OS X binaries will be available too.

Now you can make Kiax dial a number from the command line. Example

./ dial --extension 613 --exitOnEnd

where --exitOnEnd tells kiax to shut down after call goes into inactive state.

You can also enable console debug log:

./ --debug 4... read more

Posted by Emo 2008-06-19

Kiax ver 2 Beta1 on Mac OS X


A short notice to the folks using MacOS as primary desktop. Beta 1 has been successfully ported to Leopard. Still yet things to polish, but things are going well. Hopefully next release will feature official Mac support.

Best regards,

Posted by Emo 2008-06-05

Kiax ver. 2 Beta 1

Finally we have released the new version of Kiax which is a complete rewrite with QT 4.x and features sqlite storage backend, customizable features for better branding and single source for Linux and Windows (MacOS coming soon). Currently Kiax2 does not have all features of the previous version, but in the next releases we'll catch up. Until then we'd be happy to get any feedback, bugreports or suggestions. Thank you!... read more

Posted by Emo 2008-05-27

Kiax Status Update


I just want to make an update on the status of Kiax. Recently a complete rewrite of Kiax has been started. It includes two main parts - a Core (eventually LGPL licensed, yet to select appropriate open source license) which is basically an abstraction layer for signaling and persistence and a GUI (GPL licensed) which will completely use only QT4. It has already reached a level which would allow in a short period of time to make it available on SF. Once this comes true SVN and the web page will be updated accordingly.... read more

Posted by Emo 2008-02-19

Kiax 0.8.51 for Windows

Just to mention it also here.. yesterday Kiax 0.8.51 for Windows was released.


Posted by Emo 2006-06-09

Kiax 0.8.51 (IMPORTANT!)

Kiax 0.8.51 is out! This release fixes a recently discovered security flaw in iaxclient. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR KIAX as soon as possible! Sources and home binaries are available. Distro-specific packages are coming later.

Windows binaries will be updated in a day.

Here is the change log:

Kiax 0.8.51

* Patched security flaw in iaxclient
* Patched md5 to work on amd64 (Jasmin Buchert)
* Added Malay translation (Mohd Effendi Jaafar)
* Kiax runs on FreeBSD and NetBSD... read more

Posted by Emo 2006-06-07

Kiax 0.8.5 for Windows

Well, a lot people were requesting win32 version of Kiax. Here is the first release, based on a QT4 port of Kiax. Note that it is not yet so well tested as the Linux version but it seems to be running quite well. Please give feedback about your experience.


Posted by Emo 2006-04-26

Kiax 0.8.5 is out!

Here is the 0.8.5 version with some fixes and several good news. Sources and a precompiled version are available.Thanks to all who participated and gave feedback. Special thanks to Daniel Huhardeaux for giving ideas and spending time on testing.

And here are the news:

With the help of Domingos Bruges Kiax has now a working Windows prototype on the base of GPL QT4. Expect soon 0.8.5 for Windows!

A pleasant surprise from germantux83 and crazyloki - they have managed to enable importing of KAddressbook contacts into Kiax. I hope their work will be available in the next version of Kiax. Everyone is encouraged to try their patches (look in patches section) and apply them to the source of 0.8.5-pre. Comments and feedback are welcome!... read more

Posted by Emo 2006-03-26

Kiax 0.8.5-pre

After a long pause we are happy to announce the availability of new version of Kiax. Final 0.8.5 will include updated language translations and fixes of serious bugs if found until then.
So, please, test it and give feedback!

Thanks to all the people who contributed.

Here is a summary of the changes in this version:

* Contacts are now grouped in account folders
* New iaxclient with tipix Echo Cancellation
* Added support for Italian, Spanish and Hebrew languages
* While calling just press number keys to send DTMF (no need to switch to dialpad)
* Call register shows call duration
* Added icons for registration status tracking
* Added options for muting incoming and outgoing rings
* Added option to run command on incoming call
* Fixed bugs.... read more

Posted by Emo 2006-02-06

Kiax 0.8.5 on the way!

Hey, long time no news!
Kiax development continues and this time we'll introduce some new features and of course will fix all found bugs, memory leaks, etc. Stay tuned!

The Kiax TEAM

Posted by Emo 2005-07-01

Importing VCARD contacts in Kiax

David Anderson submitted a tool for importing user contacts stored in vcard format to the kiax contact list. If you are KDE user and kaddressbook is part of your life, this tool will make your life easier!

You can find vcard2kiax in the file download section of package "kiax-tools"

Thanks to David for the good work!

Posted by Emo 2005-04-22

Kiax 0.8.4 is out!

The Kiax TEAM is pleased to announce the availability of the new Kiax ver. 0.8.4 (Changelog below). This time we have binary installation packages for several Linux distros including Debian, Fedora, SuSE 9.x and Tilix. A precompiled version for installation in a single directory (for example /home/userhome) is also available.

Thanks to all the people who contributed to the project. Here are some names: ... read more

Posted by Emo 2005-04-14

Kiax 0.8.4 comes!

Hey there! It seems a lot of people are looking for the new version of Kiax. It is ready! Expect the new version of your favourite Kiax 0.8.4 on 14 Apr evening!

Despite of the minor version change, Kiax has changed quite a lot. We got multiple call appearances, hold/resume, direct IAX dialing and much more.

We are packaging the new version for several distros and tomorrow evening they will be available for download.
Thanks to all the people who submitted bugs, comments and critics. ... read more

Posted by Emo 2005-04-13

Kiax has a new homepage! KIAX.ORG

Kiax has a new homepage - Now it is a bit more comfortable for the regular users to understand what is actually Kiax.

Thanks to Borislav Mitev for the support!

The Kiax Team.

Posted by Emo 2005-03-21

Kiax 0.8.3

Kiax 0.8.3 now available.
Translations in Bulgarian, German, French, Polish and Portuguese are complete.

Thanks to all!

Posted by Emo 2005-03-17

Kiax 0.8.3-pre

Kiax 0.8.3-pre is here. What is to be added to 0.8.3 are the missing translated strings, which are new for this version. Here are some of the changes:

Kiax 0.8.3

* German, French, Brasilian Portuguese and Polish Translations
* Suppressed password in the log output
* Option to skip selected registration but still able to dial with it
* Save and restore of main window size and position
* Re-design of the call handling routine
* Better call register behavior
* Added call timer to the call tab
* Few cosmetic changes in the GUI
* Some small bugs fixed
* The binary package uses libiaxclient CVS-2005/03/08-14:00... read more

Posted by Emo 2005-03-08

Polish Translation

Thanks to Seba T. Kiax got Polish Translation!

Kiax 0.8.3 comes soon!

Posted by Emo 2005-03-07

Brasilian Portuguese Translation

Thanks to Denis Galvao, we have a Brasilian Portuguese Translation.

Thanks a lot!

Posted by Emo 2005-03-03

French Translation

Thanks to Daniel Huhardeaux we got a french translation of Kiax and some suggestions.

Posted by Emo 2005-03-01

Kiax ver. 0.8.2

Kiax 0.8.2 binaries and sources uploaded. Still a ot of TODOs though: we miss a good compilation/installation guide, translation in German (on the road), handling of missed calls.
However, this version can be tested and can be used for active conversation, hopefully most of the uncomfortable behavor was cleaned.

Please give feedback!


Posted by Emo 2005-02-25

Source Forge Project registered

I am happy to announce the availability of As a start it will be redirected to

The sources of Kiax 0.8 will be available here very soon!

Posted by Emo 2005-02-23

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