Kiax 0.8.5 is out!

Here is the 0.8.5 version with some fixes and several good news. Sources and a precompiled version are available.Thanks to all who participated and gave feedback. Special thanks to Daniel Huhardeaux for giving ideas and spending time on testing.

And here are the news:

With the help of Domingos Bruges Kiax has now a working Windows prototype on the base of GPL QT4. Expect soon 0.8.5 for Windows!

A pleasant surprise from germantux83 and crazyloki - they have managed to enable importing of KAddressbook contacts into Kiax. I hope their work will be available in the next version of Kiax. Everyone is encouraged to try their patches (look in patches section) and apply them to the source of 0.8.5-pre. Comments and feedback are welcome!

Thanks to all!

Kiax 0.8.5 Changelog:

* Updated Bulgarian, French, Polish, Spanish, German, Italian translations (see translator page in about box)
* Fixed possible crash on systray click (germantux83)
* Fixed accidental dialing on group collapse
* Fixed DTMF from keyboard - invalid keys are filtered (Andrew McGill)
* Cleaner disconnect - unregister all reigstered accounts

Posted by Emo 2006-03-26

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