#9 SOCKS v5 support


I don't know if it's too much trouble for you guys but
i really need socks v5 support in any of the iax
clients. Here's what's going on and it's a pretty funny
I'm from Croatia (Europe) and I live and work in Qatar
(Middle East). VoIP is forbidden by law here but that
was ok few weeks ago 'cause nobody knows what am I
doing anyway. But now bustards have paid a great money
to some British company to block all voice traffic on
the network . And tha asswholes are doing it pretty
good. Even skype doesn't work. But I have tried to use
skype with socks support throug socks server as a
subservice of ssh. Since ssh is crypting all data they
cannot look what's insdide the package and it seems
that the connection works fine.
Still i don't want to make my calls through skype
(Linux version still doesn't have socks support). I
want to do my phone calls through asterisk installation
that i have in Croatia.
You can find protocol information on
http://www.socks.nec.com/ .
If you need any help with ssh and socks (or you just
want to ask what to hell am I talking about :))) feel
free to contact me at slawe|at|alterbox|dot|hr.....

Thanks in advance!!
I would apreciate any kind of answer anyway :))


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