#1 Integration with kaddressbook


Thanks for the hard work for this client! I was trying to use
iaxcomm before - very ugly!

It would be good to have integration with kaddressbook:

* In kaddressbook, it is possible to set up a "phone"
application to be opened when you click on a phone number.
Kiax doesn't seem to take command-line parameters to do
this. I guess you'd want a parameter for account to use (or use
default if not specified), and one for number to ring.

* Show all the kaddressbook contacts in the "Contacts" tab.
It's irritating to have to add all your contacts to Kiax when
they're already in kaddressbook! With my VoIP provider, I just
ring the same number as I would from my landline - no

Better KDE integration in general would be good:

* Respond to the normal KDE command line parameters; e.g.

* Use arts for sound (though I guess maybe this is an iax
library issue, not a Kiax one?)

* Use the KDE language, and drop the "Language" menu.

* Use standard KDE 'Help' menu

* Use standard KDE toolbar menu

I see that kiax isn't linked against any KDE libraries - just pure
QT. Though this might make it more portable, it does leave you
in danger of falling between two stools - works anywhere, but
fits in nowhere! Maybe you could make KDE integration
optional at compile-time if you feel strongly about only requiring

My e-mail: sftracker-kiax@dw-perspective.org.uk

Keep up the good work!

David Anderson esq.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Thanks for the request! Currently we focus really only on QT
    as you say for portability reasons, but this does not limit
    us in future to create an interface for interaction with the
    KDE world (for example pluggable components) - just for now
    we try to create a user-friendly IAX Client. A command line
    parameter for dialing would be a good idea actually to solve
    as a start your need for calling a friend from kaddressbook.

    Thanks again! Expect the next week new version of Kiax with
    some added features like multiple call appearances,
    hold/unhold, blind transfer and direct IAX-url dialing.


  • growchie

    growchie - 2005-04-13
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    Kiax 0.8.4 now has command-line dial support. I use the
    following wrapper script to transform the telephone numbers in
    my kaddressbook into numbers that our Asterisk PABX

    # If the number starts with +27, replace that with 0,
    # otherwise if the number starts with +, replace that with 09.
    # Then strip out spaces, parentheses, periods and hyphens.
    # Finally, dial the number with the kiax IAX softphone.
    zanum=`echo $1 | \
    sed -e 's/^\+27/0/g' -e 's/^\+/09/g' -e 's/[ ().-]//g'`

    kiax dial --extension $zanum

    Adjust for your own country rules, I guess.

    I agree that arts sound support would be a GREAT feature.
    Right now, I can't use audio applications safely on my
    workstation without the risk of missing calls or being unable to
    speak to callers when calls do come in.

    In fact, I would pay for arts sound support. Kiax is the best
    softphone I've found for my KDE workstation (SuSE 9.3), and I
    would pay for arts sound support.

    Sheldon Hearn

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    great work with kiax.

    tha --extension parameter, make another instance of kiax. If
    you can look for the first instance before re-launch, be nice.

    Thanks, sorry by my poor english


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