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  • Anonymous - 2005-05-20

    Hello to all,

    I found Kiax today and it seems quite right for me. (Installed the binary debian package) But some questions are left:

    1.) I tried the asterisk echo test and compared it to my current SIP/Asterisk solution. Here I realized that the latency with Kiax is much higher than with the SIP phone (nearly zero there). Okay, maybe it is a problem of my IAX configuration. Any hints?

    2.) I wanted the German translation. The option is also saved in the config file but I still get the English UI. What did I do wrong?

    3.) The big buttons at the bottom of the window to call and cancel are emtpy here ... but the screenshots on show a phone and red circle with a cross. Why are there no images?

      Daniel Winkler

    • Emo

      Emo - 2005-05-24


      1. Which codecs are you using with kiax when you got high latency? It is true iaxclient adds a bit latency but shouldn't be really too big. Also 0.8.4 uses already old iaxclient, discussion are taking place to reduce the latency added from the library. Maybe we can see what happens in the newest iaxclient CVS.

      One reason for high latency is switched on artsd - many people reported more than 300 ms added latency in this occasion.

      2. That is strage.. kiax detects the local and if it is de_DE it should automatically switch at first start. Even if it is not then you can select from the language menu and it should switch it permanently.

      3. That was a problem of an early archive posted to sourceforge. I wouldn't be surpised if it is still replicated and stays so, really pity.

      Did you get the debian binary from or from some repository? I have installed the debian pkg on my ubuntu (to test the package) and it works fine.. please locate where is the dir where the kiax icons are.. it shoule be /usr/share/kiax


      • Anonymous - 2005-05-24

        Hi Emo,

        thanks for your answer.

        1. I normally use ulaw.

        2. Well, as I said, I even cannot switch to another language. But maybe this is related to 3.

        3. I took the latest deb package from sf here. But I do not have a /usr/share/kiax directory. (should the localized strings be there, too?) I had a look in the deb package and even there I could not find any icons, in none of the directories in there. So I cannot imagine where you got your /usr/share/kiax from. Is it possible that this directory was already on your disk?


    • Emo

      Emo - 2005-05-24


      about 3. hm, really bad - it seems the .deb packet misses the whole usr/share/kiax dir really, and indeed this is related to the language problem- the translation files are located in share/kiax/i18n

      I will see what can be done. I thought the debian guys have put the package together correctly...



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