calling a user on the same server

  • polrus

    polrus - 2005-12-05

    Is it possible to call a person on the same iax server - i know the server allows it but how do i call a person1@my_IaX_server from kiax ? i cant phone this eprson using his iax phone number but this way the provider will charge me

    • Emo

      Emo - 2005-12-05

      Usually providers don't charge for calls to persons on the same network, but if this is the case, the only chance would be to try to call him directly via ip. You can also try to call him without being registered with the server. Both cases can be done if you create a new account with empty IAX Server field. Then, kiax interprets (only for this account) the numbers as IAX URL. For xample (provided has enabled anonmous incoming calls), or just the IP of the person to connect to his iax phone directly (p2p).


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