Error registering voipbuster

  • PaLoBo

    PaLoBo - 2006-03-02

    Hi all. I'm just recently migrated to linux and am loving it! I have just a few quirks to sort out. One of them is voipbuster (which I use alot in windows).

    Now I've followed all instructions to set it up but when I try to connect I get a message saying rejected.

    In the log window I get the following:

    Thu Mar 2 11:03:58 2006 IaxWrapper::iaxc_initialize() result = 0
    Thu Mar 2 11:03:58 2006 IaxWrapper::start_iax_client() starting processing thread..
    Thu Mar 2 11:03:58 2006 IaxWrapper::iaxc_start_processing_thread() result = 0
    Thu Mar 2 11:03:58 2006 IaxWrapper::registerMultipleAccounts() registering accounts..
    Thu Mar 2 11:03:58 2006 IaxWrapper::registerMultipleAccounts() register VoIPBuster [], given ID = 1

    Should it be even though I am just USERNAME?

    I would appreciate any help possible.


    • PaLoBo

      PaLoBo - 2006-03-07

      Sorry to be a nuisance, but has this not happened to anybody else? can nobody help me out here?

      • entity

        entity - 2006-03-07

        As far as i know, voipbuster disabled support for third party clients a while ago. I also could never get voipbuster to work with any other client then their own, and also stopped using the windows client they offer themselves.

        For all the hassle software based voip is, i'd rather pay the three cents a minute calling from holland to new zealand costs me.

        • PaLoBo

          PaLoBo - 2006-03-07

          Thanks for the answer. Not what I was hopping to hear though :(


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