Kiax2 beta 1 impression

  • Valerio Maglietta

    It seems a leap!
    Really fast and stable I have not found any bug, but I still miss:

    1. auto answer feature
    2. command line dial
    Do you plan to implement those features?


    • Emo

      Emo - 2008-05-30

      Hi Valerio,

      Thank you for the comment. Which version are you running - Linux or Windows? I'd like to collect more impressions from  people. If Linux, does your ALSA device work properly with Kiax?

      Command line dialing is planned. What do you mean by auto-answer?

      Best regards,

      • Valerio Maglietta

        Hi Emil,
        I'm running it under linux (Ubuntu-8.04 Hardy Heron boxes).
        On the same PCs I've kiax 0.8.5 installed and Kiax2 is MUCH better!
        Audio quality is incredibly better than the old one even in OSS (/dev/dsp).
        Anyway ALSA worked well in many systems.
        The only one that was not able to work with alsa is a SiS7012 based system, here the error:

        [mixvoipcore] -INFO- Module SignalingModuleIAX2 initialized.
        [mixvoipcore] -INFO- Module ConfigurationModuleImpl initialized.
        Expression 'SetApproximateSampleRate( pcm, hwParams, sr )' failed in 'src/hostapi/alsa/pa_linux_alsa.c', line: 1291
        Expression 'PaAlsaStreamComponent_InitialConfigure( &self->capture, inParams, self->primeBuffers, hwParamsCapture, &realSr )' failed in 'src/hostapi/alsa/pa_linux_alsa.c', line: 1862
        Expression 'PaAlsaStream_Configure( stream, inputParameters, outputParameters, sampleRate, framesPerBuffer, &inputLatency, &outputLatency, &hostBufferSizeMode )' failed in 'src/hostapi/alsa/pa_linux_alsa.c', line: 1986
        PortAudio error at Unable to open streams: Invalid error code (value greater than zero)
        Object::connect: No such signal QPushButton::toggled(true)
        Object::connect:  (sender name:   'statusButton')
        Object::connect:  (receiver name: 'statusButton')
        [mixvoipcore] -INFO- Registration for account accepted.

        anyway OSS emulation produces acceptable results on the same system.

        As auto-answer I simply mean the ability to automatically answer an incoming call (i.e without pressing the "Answer" button) after the first ring.

        Thanks kiax2 is a really great work!

        • Emo

          Emo - 2008-05-31

          Hi Valerio,

          Thanks again. Yes, ALSA with portaudio (v19, this is what the iaxclient uses) is not always successful, it depends on audio device.

          OK, autoanswer is now understood :) We'll have it in mind.

          Thanks a lot.


    • Jamieson Christian

      PortAudio also fails for my ALSA audio device (HDA Intel: ALC888 Analog). /dev/dsp is working, though I'm still assessing how well it works.

      The biggest thing I'm looking for now is the ability to set Caller ID information for my account. Right now it seems all I can set is Server, Username and Password. The lack of valid Caller ID info caused a call recipient to ignore my calls because they thought it was a telemarketer.


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