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  • Aaron van Meerten

    I have just starting using kiax, and really like it.  It's quite a nice client, and I have successfully made calls with it.  While doing so however, the person I was talking to heard their conversation echo'd back to them.  This would cease to occur when I muted the PCM source using alsamixer. 

    I am curious if this is a problem anyone else has had?  The echo was not discernable from my end (works perfectly, great voice quality), but I can imagine anyone I'm calling could get quite annoyed at that kind of echo.  Any ideas?

    • Emo

      Emo - 2005-04-22

      Yes, I had similar problem on SuSE, it was caused by a turned aux for capturing. Everything I spoke turned back to me, even louder. This was caused by the kmix mixer, which every time I started it and it turned this strange annoying echo. I switched to kamix and it worked quite well on both sides.

    • Shahar Livne

      Shahar Livne - 2005-05-09

      I am using kiax with a wide asterisk network. The kiax runs on Gentoo. Any call to PSTN or VoIP extension had this problem of echo.
      The echo was of less than 1sec, and it was only on the non kiax side of the call.
      There was no echo on the kiax side though.
      The solution was to play with Kmix (KDE default mixer). In Input section, I just disabled the "Phone" option.
      I recommend to make a backup of /etc/asound.state before making the changes :-)
      Still, if I try hard, I manage to hear some tiny "digital noises" in the background after each word - probably as part of noise cancellation algorithm. It can be ignored.

      Shahar Livne
      LivneX - Open Source Entwicklung und Untersttzung

    • denis_std

      denis_std - 2005-11-12

      I have the same problem with Gnome. And I would be pleased if someone knows a solution to get no echo at the non kiax side.

    • Quentin Denis

      Quentin Denis - 2006-01-24

      same problem here, with suse 10.0 and kmix. any input source except mic is muted. still echo on the non kiax side, and really disturbing!
      no problem with skype!!


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