Click on Systemtray crashes kiax-0.8.5-pre

  • Joerg Hundertmarck

    Hello world,

    I've found a BUG! When clicking on systemtray icon kiax crashes. Why are you closing the main widget by clicking on the tray icon? hide() will be more stable. When a default widget ist closed, it will be deleted (destructed). Then kiax crashes in background thread!

    Please use hide() not close().

    I will submit a patch with the next station of kaddressbook implementation and the fix for this bug next time.

    Extension to the kaddressbook implementation: Entries will be sorted by there names.


    • Emo

      Emo - 2006-03-25

      Really strange why I lef it so. And even more strange there was no complaint of that. Maybe that is why it was unnoticed until now. Anyway, Fixed now in 0.8.5




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