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  • rodrigof

    rodrigof - 2007-02-08


    My company is using Kiax phones at helpdesk. But I had to implent a very useful caracteristic to them : a MUTE button.
    To do this I downloaded the last version of KIAX for Windows. I had to download QT-4 and MSYS. But the ui files were designed at QT-3. So I used designer-qt3 at LINUX to edit this resource file and to add a new QAction to mute and include it at the main Toolbar.
    So designer-qt3 changed the file mainwindow.cpp and added the function mute()bellow . So I used iaxclient functions to implement the mute.

    void KiaxMainWindowUi::mute()
        if ( i_toggleMute != 0 ) {
            i_toggleMute = 0;
             iaxc_set_silence_threshold(-99); //unmute input  
        } else {
            i_toggleMute = 1;
            iaxc_set_silence_threshold(0);  // mute input

    With these changes I compiled via qt-4 the KIAX code at Windows.
    It's a good sugestion for KIAX new versions : a MUTE button.


    Rodrigo Franca

    • Emo

      Emo - 2007-02-08

      Hi Rodrigo,

      The mute option has been requested earlier too, and is mostly sure it will be integrated.
      I looked at the code and found that actually you tell the iaxclient to enable silence suppression,
      where 0 in the case equals the maximum level of input as a threshold for the filter.

      For the purpose of muting it is better to use the function:

      double currentInputLevel = iaxc_input_level_get(); // get the current input level

      and to unmute:


      Try with this approach and tell me if it works for you the way you expect it.
      Thanks for the suggestion.



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