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  • Christophe PEREZ


    First, sorry for my poor english.
    For me, kiax is a great soft. I tried a lot, and that's the only one I regularly use.

    I know that's not a SIP Phone, but, why is it possible to place a sip call with it, like sip:foo@domain ?
    Actually, asterisk seems to replace "@domain" by "@extension_context". I don't know if it is normal.
    I have to call with a "_" in place of "@", and make asterisk to replace it before placing call. Works, but not really pretty.


    When you receive a call from someone (or call someone) who is in your directory, you don't have his number in logs. Sometimes I need to know, so I had to patch kiax like that :
    --- kiaxmainwindow.cpp.old      2006-01-12 16:48:59.000000000 -0400
    +++ kiaxmainwindow.cpp  2006-01-12 16:48:33.000000000 -0400
    @@ -1158,7 +1158,7 @@
         QString tooltipText = cidName + " ["+cidNumber+"@"+accountName+"]";
         QDateTime* time = new QDateTime();
    -    QString recordText = cidName + ", " + time->toString();
    +    QString recordText = cidName + " ["+ cidNumber+"], " + time->toString();
         QPixmap pm ( QString( ICONS_PATH) + QString( recordIcon)  );
         QListBoxPixmap * lbi = new QListBoxPixmap(pm, recordText);

    Maybe it will give you idea for next release ;-)

    I have others ideas, but it's difficult sometimes to explain in english for me ;-)

    Give us a kiax release soon, we love it !
    Good work.

    • Emo

      Emo - 2006-02-09

      :) Thanks, saw it a bit late, but in the final 0.8.5 I'll put it. Thanks.

      Kiax uses only the IAX2 protocol, and internally it forms the calling address as IAX2 URL. If you have sip and iax both enabled on your asterisk and the sip users and iax users share the same contexts in your dialplan, then it is possible - this is how asterisk works.



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