Announcing Telephonik, a project to develop a

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2006-05-17

    "Announcing Telephonik, a project to develop a free multi-protocol VoIP softphone for the K Desktop Environment"


    I am announcing a project called Telephonik whose purpose is to develop a free multi-protocol VoIP softphone for the K Desktop Environment. The Telephonik project web site is located at

    Initial user interface code for Telephonik already exists. Virtually no work has however been done on the backend side, and I am still evaluating the possible backend choices. The currently available Telephonik source code is accessible in the project's Subversion repository. To check it out, use "svn co".

    As I see it, there are currently four other projects with at least partly similar goals: KPhone, KCall, Twinkle and KIAX. However, KCall has shown little signs of any further development since Google SoC 2005.

    Two of the remaining projects, Twinkle and KPhone, seem to focus only on SIP. KIAX on the other hand is a pure Qt application, with support only for the IAX2 protocol. This is where our goals differ: The design goals of the Telephonik project are

    * clean, intuitive and powerful KDE user interface that adheres (or well, tries to :) to the Human Interface Guidelines (sorry to say this folks, but I think this is where KPhone, KCall and Twinkle all fail)
    * modular backend design enabling the developers to easily extend the protocol support to other VoIP protocols (support is planned for at least SIP, H.323, Jabber Jingle and Asterisk IAX2)

    I am sending this e-mail to try to open communication between the Telephonik project and the existing projects. I have a vision about how Telephonik should look like and have strong feelings about the GUI side of it (this is in fact what made me start the project in the first place), but on the backend side I am hoping to prevent code duplication into the largest possible extent. Please have a look at the web pages of the Telephonik project and tell me how you feel.

    Looking forward to working with you,
    Santtu Pajukanta <santtu(ä)>

    • Emo

      Emo - 2006-05-18


      Nice to see another effort for open VoIP solution! Basically, I agree with the reasons behind the project and I am convinced it is a good move to abstract the API to the various VoIP protocols. That was actually a planned next step for the 0.9.x versions of Kiax which would actually be completely rewritten core and api for communication with the gui widgets. The idea involved event subscription mechanism for voip signaling. However my time is limited and for now the IAX-only solution makes it for many people well. Hopefully I'll find time to scatch a basic API for kiax and we can discuss how we could share  code.

      Good Luck!



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