#6 IAX2 dial strings


It seems when I try to dial:


i.e. no user, kiax doesn't dial correctly, however if I
try to dial the same dial string from iaxcli.c (in
iaxclient tkphone sources), it works fine.

I don't know that this is a bug or a feature request,
but it is part of the iax protocol.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I take it back!!!

    It seems you just have to create a new account with a blank
    server field. When you use that account it will force the
    dial string as an IAX2 url. I do however think this should
    be the default when a valid IAX2 url is entered.

  • Emo

    Emo - 2005-09-18

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    There is a rule, which is unfortunately not documented:

    If the selected account has the field "iax server" filled
    in, then the value of the extension field is automatically
    appended to the value of the server field to form a valid
    IAX url. If the server field is empty, the value of the
    extension field is interpreted as IAX url. That was designed
    so to hide complexity, and secondly to provide possibility
    for P2P calls with different codecs presets. For example you
    can create different accounts with empty server fields but
    select different preferred codec.
    I hope this helps..


  • Emo

    Emo - 2005-09-18
    • status: open --> closed

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