Very low quality images :(

  • Codefisher

    Codefisher - 2007-11-29

    I have set this up and it appears to be working, except the images it produces are anything but nice.

    Where am I going wrong?  Is there something else I need to install?  I am using Xvfb as you suggest in your FAQ

    • Hauke Goos-Habermann

      It seems that Xvfb is starting with 4 or 8 bit color depth.

      Maybe you need to start Xvfb with an explicit color depth:

      Xvfb :1 -screen 0 1600x1200x32&

    • JP

      JP - 2008-10-26

      Unfortunately Codefisher's image disappeared from the web, but I have the feeling I may just have the same issue here. Take a look at my wiki:

      I tried the above mentioned solution, but it fails:

      Xvfb :0 -screen 0 1600x1200x32
      Fatal server error:
      Couldn't add screen 0

      Same goes for :1 or :2

    • JP

      JP - 2008-10-26

      Update: setting bits to 24 makes Xvfb start, but the colors and fonts are still suboptimal.

      Xvfb :0 -screen 0 1600x1200x24


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