claptrap - 2011-06-08

I downloaded Khmer Unicode Typing 1.6.0 but although it seemed to have installed correctly, all I see are square boxes where the text should be and the letters to type don't display at all. I have downloaded .Framework v.4, Installed Khmer Unicode 2.0 and ups10.dll into ms shared folder, (as well as in IE, MS, and Chrome folders - but only Firefox works in Khmer) and enabled complex scripts: my keyboard tends to default to Catalan but it's easy to change in the task bar. I am using Win XP.  I also have KhmerOS - Khmer Unicode Keyboard 4.23 and NIDA 1.0 keyboards installed, as well as Khmer Font Standardization program.

What baffles me even more that 1) Unicode 2 would not install until I removed a Khmer Fonts folder from Program folder. And that the Typing tutor program did at least half work when Unicode 1.2.5 and the Fonts folder was there (in Program Files.) Unfortunately I don't have the Fonts installation disk any more….  :-(