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Coding Tweets

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    Anonymous - 2013-10-08

    I want to code tweets for several different aspects (subject matter, information type, link) -- and I have a unique number for each tweet, in addition to the text, -- is there a way for me to keep the unique numbers with the tweets so that after I successfully create categories using KH Coder I can label each tweet by category in a database?

  • HIGUCHI Koichi

    HIGUCHI Koichi - 2013-10-08

    Hi, thank you for the post.
    Off course, there is a way there's a will.

    I suppose you have some kind of a table that contains the unique numbers column and text/tweets column. This table should look like “mother.xls” in page 3 of this slide:
    The “mother.xls” contains columns like “chapter” and “other_variable1.” But your table contains “unique number” column instead of “chapter” or “other_variable1,” I guess.

    Now we call it the original table.

    To use KH Coder, you have to copy text/tweets of the original table and paste it into a new text file. In this step, do not change the order of the text. Just copy and paste it into a text file. Now you can start using KH Coder to perform coding of the text file. Please note that you should select “paragraph” as the coding unit.

    After you made coding rules, you can “Export Document-Code Matrix” as a CSV file. Copy this matrix and paste it to the original table. Then you will get a table with unique numbers column, text/tweets column and coding results columns. Again don’t change order of the rows when you copy and paste the matrix. Select all rows and copy it and paste it. Then coding results will be placed in right cells.

    In short, the output of KH Coder has the exactly same order as the input file.

    Best regards,

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