Kguitar integration into Canorus

  • Reinhard Katzmann


    The Canorus team has since a long time plans to integrate parts of kguitar into Canorus in a similatr way NoteEdit has done.

    We are considering now to take over the whole project and integrate it into Canorus itself and maintain it there. Parts of it would probably available as separate plugin but no further thoughts have been made into it up to now due to our own lack of (active) developers or sponsors to fund at least one student for this porting project.

    I've written a feature request for Qt4 some time ago without feedback. The kde4 kguitar project seems to be on it's way but I don't know any details (last commit to svn more than one month ago), so I'd like to know from the developers which one would be the better base.

    I make this effort mainly because kguitar is the only really useful tabulature editor I've seen and distributions are already starting to get rid of it because it is based on kde3 (NotEdit, the predecessor of Canorus faces similar problems... but the future here looks more bright here right now).

    Kind regards

    • Mikhail Yakshin

      Mikhail Yakshin - 2009-05-06

      Generally, I'm very interested in collaboration in any areas possible.

      KDE4 port of KGuitar is in fact runs fairly stable and suffers mostly cosmetic problems. I was thinking of fixing them and releasing KGuitar 0.6 for KDE4 fairly soon.

      Can you explain a little what goes on with Canorus now?


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