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Release version 3.0.1 (maintainace)

Some small fixes to permit compilation with newer compilers and automake installations.

Posted by Jürgen Vigna 2003-03-11

Substitued Source package

Sorry for the problems you may have got with the
source package compilation. Now I substitued all
occurences of qt2 with qt3 and it should work now
out of the box (hopefully).

Posted by Jürgen Vigna 2002-06-12

Released version 3.0.0 for KDE 3

This is a port of KGoodStuff to the new KDE 3. There
are no new features or bugfixes only the port so that
it runs/compiles with native KDE/QT 3 libraries.

Posted by Jürgen Vigna 2002-06-11

Released version 2.1.0

This release has minor bugfixes and major feature enhancements.

You now can specify radio buttons and button groups in the dialog feature for buttons (see documentation). The whole mouse-grabbing was reworked and works now as expected. Also the session management should now not detect the loaded XApplications inside the buttonbar.

The icons now can be hidden and only the text displayed and subbuttonbars will open now on drag-enter events.

Posted by Jürgen Vigna 2002-03-18

Final 2.0.0 version released!

This is the final version of KGoodStuff v2.0.0.
From the last official preversion we have this changes:

Don't autohide in certain circumstances, fixed session
management behaviour with the KDE session manager and added
a runtime option to disable session management, added a new
checkbox to be able to define if you want see the text label
on the button, fixed various icon resize problems.

Posted by Jürgen Vigna 2001-05-21

Prerelease #4 for 2.0.0 version

Small fixes. Fixed problem that a new kgoodstuffrc was not
written to disk. Added Drag&Drop support in PrefButton.
Fixed Desktop-File support, added flag for swallowing self
detaching applications, completly redone the resizing of
the icons and the MaxXY/MinXY handling.

Posted by Jürgen Vigna 2001-05-04

Prerelease #3 for KGoodStuff v2.0.0

Fixed opening of empty child-button-bar, defining of a
new child-button-bar (which resulted in a segfault),
fixed \: output in %s:i boxes (%s:c boxes worked),
removed Path-Info in Global options as they are not
needed anymore with the new Icon-selector. Added
a Drag&Drop command option, with which now it is
possible to define distict commands for D&D action
of MouseClick.

Posted by Jürgen Vigna 2001-05-02

New prerelease for v2.0.0

Pre2 realease features:

- Posibility to define (also by drag/drop action) a
desktop file you want instead of entering options
directly in the button-option-dialog.
- Copy/Paste between buttonbar and childs
- Definable Font for button text
- Updated documentation


- set a default input box (if available) on the
%s askdialogs

Posted by Jürgen Vigna 2001-04-26

First SourceForge release

This now has been released on SourceForge with
cvs support.

Posted by Jürgen Vigna 2001-02-05