KFolderSync / Changelog: Recent posts

KFolderSync 2.6.0 released

This release comes with lots of news:

New options
Reset action moved to settings menu
Performance improvements under heavy workloads
Multiple instances disabled
Background (recurrent) operations are now supported
Interactivity slightly improved
New packages
New repositories
Translations updates


Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-07-10

KFolderSync 2.5.0 released

Efficiency improvements
More accurate and verbose logs
Re-styled progress dialog
Translations updates

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-06-23

KFolderSync 2.4.0 released

New features
Application icon recolored to increase visibility
Progress bars precision dramatically improved
New warning messages
Translations updates

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-06-15

KFolderSync 2.3.0 released

New operation type: bilateral sync
UI modifications (mostly technical)
Translations updates

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-06-09

KFolderSync 2.2.1 released

GUI elements shrunk for better low-resolution-monitor support
Descriptions turned into tooltips

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-06-01

KFolderSync 2.2.0 released

Operations algorithms completely rewritten to be smarter and more efficient
Network folders are now supported
Translations restored and updated
Initial work for new features

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-05-24

KFolderSync 2.1.0 released

Improved translations with KDE semantic markup
Added new translations
Experimental real-time synchronization
Small bugfixes

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-05-10

KFolderSync 2.0.3 released

New install and uninstall scripts for an easy manual installation
(have a look at the README inside the tar.xz file)

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-04-29

KFolderSync 2.0.2 released

Translations updates

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-04-17

KFolderSync 2.0.1 released

Small fixes

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-04-12

KFolderSync 2.0.0 released

Lots of new features
GUI restyled
Comparison improvements
Performance improvements:
- RAM will now be used more efficiently
- Multithreading
The application icon has finally arrived

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-04-11

KFolderSync 1.1.2 released

Updated Translations

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-03-18

KFolderSync 1.1.1 released

Fixed 'Reset GUI' action

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-03-16

KFolderSync 1.1.0 released

Improved GUI
Updated Translations
Now hidden files are detected and synchronized
New features

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-03-16

KFolderSync 1.0.3 released

Translations updated

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-03-11

KFolderSync 1.0.2 released

Small bugfixes
Added translations

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-03-09

KFolderSync 1.0.1 released

Important bugfix: operations are now correctly handled and displayed

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-03-09

KFolderSync 1.0.0 released

First version, hopefully with no significant bugs. Try it!

Posted by Lorenzo Porta 2014-03-08