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New version released!

Version 1.3-0 has a "News" tab and substitutes phone number with corresponding names from KDE addressbook.

There are also some bugfixes.

Posted by Mathias-H. Weber 2003-01-31

Mailing-Lists set up

I haven't yet announce it: There are two mailing lists for this project: kfli4l-announce for announcements of new releases and bugfixes and kfli4l-devel for anybod interested in more than just clicking ;-)

Happy subscribing!

Posted by Mathias-H. Weber 2003-01-23

Bug fix for authentication without password

I fixed a bug that occurs when you have not set any password to access imond. The workaround is to set a password in the configuration for imond - or download the latest release 1.2-1.2 ;-)

Posted by Mathias-H. Weber 2003-01-22