Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave

  • Sebastjan Penko

    Sebastjan Penko - 2008-01-10

    Hello everybody,

    I have recently bought a new keyboard. It is an Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave keyboard and mouse.
    Unfortunaly for me it is not included among the supported ones.
    How can I make it work with Keytouch?

    Thank you, Sebastjan

    • MCD555

      MCD555 - 2008-01-10

      Hi Sebastian,

      I'm new to keytouch (I was looking for something that could support my function keys...) but I easily define some button of my keyboard.
      The first step is identify the "key code" of function keys:
      you could do this downloading and installing xev, open a console, launch it and write down the key code (onthe third line you can find it) looking at the output when you press the keys of your keyboard/mouse.
      After that, if you know a little of xml you can generate a personalized file for your keyboard starting from another one (you can find the config file in the /usr/share/keytouch/keyboards/ directory).

      I hope this could help you, if not let me know, may I could be help further!


    • Sebastjan Penko

      Sebastjan Penko - 2008-01-11

      I'm trying to do it with keyTouch manager and I am almost done.
      Only the Vista keys are not detected by keyTouch editor.
      Maybe they will be in next version?

    • Aniruddha

      Aniruddha - 2008-08-02

      Hi could you post your Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave file? I have the wire version, thanks in advance!

    • Marvin Raaijmakers

      It can be done much easier than MCD suggests. With keyTouch-editor, you can create a keyboard file for your keyboard. After you created this file you can import it in keyTouch. If your keyboard is connected via USB, then you should use the latest version of keyTouch-editor. Checkout the website for more information.

      - Marvin Raaijmakers

    • flkeric@aol.com

      flkeric@aol.com - 2009-08-26

      it is a while between yet and the last port, i hope the thread isn't as dead as ha seems to be.
      I got all keys working excepted the application switch key, and the widget key. Can someone help me, or send me his config-file?

      Best Regards

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-11-06

    Hello Dimitri

    I did manage to map a function to the flip and widget keys, Is that the problem you are experiencing? The problem i am dealing with is that i cannot get the Fn keys working (the word, excel etc. keys…). When i try to map the Fn keys in keytouch-editor i can only map the Fn key itself because the input window detect a depress of the Fn key and disappears, not allowing me to press the actual function key. Perhaps You can help…

    Kind regards,

  • flkeric@aol.com

    flkeric@aol.com - 2009-11-06

    Yes this are exactly the keys that i can't map. So for Fn keys they are working for me. I read a topic about some special cases in which the people told about they pressed the fn (the modifier key) already before they are activating the keytouch listener only then they pressed the Fn (F1 etc..) key.
    So that means first press the modifier then activate keytouch key listener then press the key you want to map.
    Hope it works.

    Best Regards

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-11-06

    Hi Dimitri

    Thanks for your input. I managed to create a keyboard file with a mapping for all the keys! If you are interested in the keymap file I could send it to you. If you would like to test it (I will to of course,,,) then i can add the file to the project. Can i email the file to you?

    Kind regards,

  • flkeric@aol.com

    flkeric@aol.com - 2009-11-06

    Yes that would be very kind. I currently saved my address in the Name filed of my profile. I will give you some feedback if i managed to run all keys with it.

    Best Regards

  • ndr

    ndr - 2011-04-26

    I would also like to get the profile for Desktop Wave keyboard. Could u send it to me?

  • Handonam

    Handonam - 2012-09-26

    Can i get the logitech file from someone?  Preferred hosting it somewhere?



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