Logitech EasyCall keyboard keys not detected

  • Shadeya

    Shadeya - 2008-05-18

    I've managed to detect most of the keys on this keyboard, but the function key, shuffle and the Skype keys aren't being detected at all.

    It's not a huge problem, I'm just wondering if this is covered by the issues I've read about with USB devices.  It's a fully wireless keyboard/mouse/skype combo pack if that helps any.  I'm running the Hardy Heron version of Kubuntu.

    • Marvin Raaijmakers

      Please show provide the following debugging output:

      > > But I'd need the output of hid debug to see what exactly we need to
      > > patch.
      > So the user will need to compile the kernel with debugging parameters
      > and then run dmesg to check for the errors?

      CONFIG_HID_DEBUG is default to 'y' on recent kernel, so the user could
      check whether he doesn't have it enabled arelady. If the kernel has been
      compiled with CONFIG_HID_DEBUG, then the module 'hid' should be modprobed
      with 'debug=2' parameter, i.e.

              modprobe hid debug=1
              modprobe usbhid

      and then the dmesg output that appears when pressing the non-working keys
      should is important.

    • Marvin Raaijmakers

      Did you use keyTouch-editor 3.2.0 beta?


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