I've ran into some minor problems in keytouch editor mostly. I'm running V 3.1.3.

First of all, the last change date format in the keyboard file should contain time as well. It's impossible to change the keyboard file more than once per day now which makes testing keyboard files a rather lengthy process.

I've got a key to toggle the touchpad, there's no keycode for that. I think it should be possible to add new Keycodes.

I think a "test" button in the editor would be very handy, specially for "program" keys.

The guidelines in the user manual mention a preferred key order yet the application doesn't support changing the order of the list. If i wanted to add a key i'd have to delete part of the list, add the key and then add all the keys i've deleted. I would suggest some way of moving keys up and down in the list.

Regards, Danny.