Any luck with Logitech diNovo mini?

  • Morten

    Morten - 2009-03-10

    Did anyone succeed getting a diNovo mini to work?
    It's connected via an USB bluetooth receiver, and it's ordinary keyboard works out of box, but the majority of the multimedia controls don't.

    I run mythbuntu and installed keytouch 2.3 and the keytouch-editor. When I run the editor, it comes up and asks me to select a device. I see two 'Logitech Logitech BT Mini-Receiver' devices, but none of them respond to any keypresses - not even on the normal keyboard-buttons, so I am kind of stuck there.

    Should I go through the manual compile to get the latest keytouch up and running, or is it a dead end?


    • Marvin Raaijmakers

      You should use keyTouch 2.4 in combination with the latest version (the beta) of keyTouch-editor.

      - Marvin

    • Morten

      Morten - 2009-03-10

      That's a quick answer!

      I can build keytouch-2.4.1 with no problems, but when I try building keytouch-editor-3.2.0-beta, I get a compile error as someone else described in


    • Morten

      Morten - 2009-03-12

      Now I tried to avoid the non-compiling keytouch-editor program and follow the guide in
      and for the volume down buttong, I got the following keycode with 'getscancodes' (that compiled fine):
      786666 (0xC00ea)

      So I crafted the following 'I-want-one-key-working-first' xml-file and got it imported in keytouch:

          <last-change format="%d-%m-%Y">10-03-2009</last-change>
          <author>Morten Breum Mikkelsen</author>

            <model>diNovo mini (USB bt) Y-RBG93</model>

            <name>Volume Down</name>
            <default-action action-type="program">

      But for some reason, mythfrontend does not show up when I press the button. I also tried reconfiguring the command to something else just in case, but no action seems to be performed.

      What do I do to debug that?


      PS. Perhaps I missed it, but I didn't seem to read anywhere that getscancodes will not work in a terminal within an X environment, but I found out that I had to go to a non-graphical console to receive anything.

      PPS. Importing a keyboard in keytouch requires root privileges (got a permission denied when the GUI tried to copy the xml file from my home directory). I moved the file by hand and got in a fight with the naming convention, but I got it sorted out.


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