JC Francois - 2009-11-23

I am running OpenSUSE 11.2 x64 with KDE 4.3.1 "Release 6" and Keytouch -2.4.1.

After I login to my normal user account and press a button to launch a GTK application (e.g. firefox), the application is not themed as expected. The theme applied to the app is unknown to me and is not one of those listed in the drop-down box in`Configure Desktop > Appearance > GTK Themes & Fonts`
Screenshot of the unknown theme .
When I launch the same GTK app from the Kickoff menu, the application is themed as expected with the theme I selected (QtCurve).

I tried restarting the keytouch deamon wtih the following command ran as normal user and root `/etc/init.d/keytouch-init restart` but the problem is still there after restart.

The only thing that fixes the problem is to start **keytouch** and to click the "apply" button. After that pressing a button starts the app with .

Could this be related to this new feature introduced in 2.4.1?

> keytouchd now detects if KDE or GNOME is running. ()… As a result the applications launched by keytouchd will appear on the XGL display if XGL is running and GTK applications will use the theme as set by KDE when running KDE.

Thanks for your help.

  : http://home.scarlet.be/noirextreme/unknown_theme.png
  : http://home.scarlet.be/noirextreme/right_theme.png