#17 editor does not insert keycodes into keyboard file

keytouch-editor 3.1

The keytouch-editor v3.1.2 does not include the keycode in the keyboard file when the keycode is not in the predefined list of keycodes in the "keycode" drop-down box. The tech manual says that the keycodes in the keyboard file are the kernel keycodes. Since keytouch-editor has these, why not include them in the keyboard file? Especially since the keyboard file is not valid until each key has a keycode.

BTW, I am trying to use keytouch with a USB ATI Remote Wonder. It translates the buttons on the remote to standard key input events.


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    It is not very clear to me what you mean. Please describe your steps in creating a keyboard file and then tell me wat doesn't work well.

    - Marvin Raaijmakers

  • Lucas

    Lucas - 2007-08-06

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    I am doing:
    - run keytouch-editor
    - select a device (my USB ATI Remote Wonder which acts like a keyboard)
    - press "new" button
    - press a key on the remote
    - Name the key and click ok.
    - The keycode field in the "key settings" frame is empty.
    - Save the keyboard file.
    - There is no keycode for the key I created in the keyboard file.

    The keycode for the key I pressed on the remote does not correspond to any of the keys listed in keytouch-editor-3.1.2/src/keycodes.c. The key does have a keycode, but it is not included in keyboard file.

  • Marvin Raaijmakers

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  • Marvin Raaijmakers

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    This falls under the USB problem.

  • Marvin Raaijmakers

    • status: closed-rejected --> closed-duplicate

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