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Keytool 1.4.1 released

The Keytool plugin for Eclipse is now released.
Version 1.4.1 includes:
- Added experimental showing certificatechains.
- Added generating CSR's.
- Fixed bug 2783903: Can't get a Valid To date after 2014.

Posted by Patrick Fust 2009-05-04

Keytool 1.3.2 released

Keytool plugin 1.3.1 had some issues about running on JDK 5, so it's recompiled and should now work with JDK 5.

Posted by Patrick Fust 2008-08-21

Keytool 1.3.1 released

Keytool 1.3.1 contains:
* Added workbenchmenu with import certificate, new certificate, open keystore and open preferences.
* Bugfix: Validfrom & -to isn't setted second time the export action is called from an open certificate.
* Bugfix: KeystoreView wasn't instantly updated.
* Bugfix: If KeystoreView were closed and opened, keystore from preferences were added again.

And from 1.3.0:
* Added export action in keystore view.
* Added import certificate wizard.
* Added import action in package explorer.
* Bugfix: Had to enter password when exporting without private key.

Posted by Patrick Fust 2008-04-02

Eclipse plugin: Keytool 1.2.0 released

Keytool is an Eclipse plugin that maintains keystores and certificates.


* Export certificate, with or without the private key.
* Create certificate.
* Create keystore.
* Open existing keystore.
* View all available information about every certificate.
* Open existing certificate. Default with the extension .cer.
* View list of certificates in a keystore.
* Handles JKS and PKCS #12.
* Show which certificate in a keystore where you have the private key.
* Filemonitoring, to monitor changes in keystores.
* Default opening a keystore every time Eclipse starts.

Posted by Patrick Fust 2008-03-24