#7 EML support


It would be slick to be able to import OE or Outlook
eml files directly, without, selecting all the text,
pasting it, and then arranging the node.


  • Jason W. Tice

    Jason W. Tice - 2002-08-20

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    Hmmmmm. .eml files (If I remember correctly--I haven't used outlook in ages) are just text files, aren't they? It
    shouldn't be that hard to make teh change to import them.

  • Ian

    Ian - 2002-08-21
    • priority: 5 --> 1
  • Ian

    Ian - 2002-08-21

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    In response to the post that *.eml file is a simple text
    file, that is and isn't quite true. It can be read as
    simple text file, however all the formatting and active
    hyperlinks are toast, but I'll take anything :)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I don't use Outlook. What are .eml files, what is their format, and what is the point of keeping them in KeyNote?

  • Ian

    Ian - 2002-10-11

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    Outlook Express is currently my standard email program. I'm
    still searching for something to use in its stead, but I
    haven't found anything to my liking yet. One of OE's flaws
    is that the folder system starts to thrash the hard drive
    once the folders get to a certain size. For someone like
    me, I keep a lot of email for reference and for tracking. I
    am in the slow process of converting each mail individually
    to text, and then pasting them into keynote. However,
    because a lot of the email is sent in html (and more and
    more newsletters are only sending out html mail now), a lot
    of the formatting gets lost in the conversion. It would
    just be nicer (and hopefully a whole lot faster). However,
    I have found that as of late, OE can finally, consistantly
    save an email as an html file which I then can import
    directly into KeyNote. So, I'm okay if this thread is closed.


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