Anonymous - 2007-07-12

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Some observations on running Keynote in Linux.

keynote does not run well under Wine (Ubuntu Feisty (7.04)). There are various crashes, lockups, unexpected behaviors.

keynote runs well under VMWare Server in a Win2k guest. That's a lot of resources to use for a single application that runs all the time(!)

There is an almost suitable application called BasKet, a KDE application that can be used natively on Linux. The export of Keynote data and import into BasKet is easy and does not require any massaging of data as an intemediary step. -- IMHO, BasKet is not ready for prime time. Managing the hierarchical nodes is burdensome; the concept of "node" isn't quite like Keynote; too much eye candy for my taste. Worse, the lead developer, the original author, has said he intends to abandon BasKet, so its future is uncertain.

There is always wxWidgets. Right, that's just a development framework, not a replacement application. On cursory examination of wxWidgets I note that it has classes supporting a hierarchical index; RTF; HTML. It is also platform independent: Win2k; Unix(various); Mac; others ... wxWidgets with NSPR (from Mozilla) or the Apache platform abstraction might be the right combination of development tools. ... Whenever I think about doing it myself, I sit down and wait for the urge to go away. I have too much on my plate already.