#28 Add inline Zip Lib to Compress RTF output


I noticed that KeyNote creates HUGE files for large
documents (especially with graphics) due to it's ASCII
encoded RTF format file structure (this is mentioned in
the help file).

KeyNote already supports inline encryption, and adding
support for an inline file compressor library like
zlib, 7zip, or one of the others should be easy since
the code would mirror the existing pipeline for
encryption but NOT require any user dialog input other
than a simple checkbox to turn the option on or off.

As an example of how effective this would be, I zipped
up a 650,000 byte KeyNote file and it shank down to
about 40k!!!

File level Zip file format compatibility (so the file
could be opened in winzip or 7z and converted to a
standard KeyNote file) would be nice for
troubleshooting, but is not essential since KeyNote
files are not normally opened in anything other than
KeyNote (which means the simple zlib compressor
libraries could be used).

To maintain the inline compression advantage for files
which are encrypted, the zip compression operation
would have to be done BEFORE the encryption operation
(if it is enabled, because Zip won’t compress already
encrypted files at all (but will work fine if it is
done as a first step before encryption).

I don’t have access to Delphi, and all the dependency
libraries, but if someone is set up so they can build
KeyNote, this should be a really easy addition.


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