#11 "Hoist"-like capability


The term "hoist" comes from the old DOS Grandview
outliner (which I never used, except a demo), as the
outliner I really use (DOS Maxthink) doesn't have a name
for this similar capability that I prize so much.

So, what I'm really trying to describe is Maxthink's ability
to display only the parent and child(ren), at ANY level of
the outline. The view *can* be expanded to as many
levels as desired, but I do that about 1% of the time.

The reason I think this capability is so valuable is that it
enables one to see the "trees (no pun intended) in the
forest", as the old saying (sorta) goes.

In the opinion of the author of Maxthink (which I share
in wholeheartedly), being able to focus on just the
relationship between the parent subject and the child
details aids in creative work. One is not distracted by
all the other levels of the outline while one is only able
to edit a child of one parent.

Maxthink for Windoze is in beta, and also has this
capability, if you wish to see it in action. Download a
30-day version at http://maxthink.biz/download.htm

I don't plan to upgrade to Maxthink for Windoze as it
doesn't work any better for me than the DOS version, is
buggy (now) and will cost $95. KeyNote is what I would
like to transistion to, and seeing this feature would
clinch it for me. More importantly, I believe that many
others would greatly value this feature, although they
may not appreciate it before they've experienced it...


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