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Should we rename KeyNote?

Ken Rushia
  • Ken Rushia

    Ken Rushia - 2007-05-07

    If we manage to continue development, should the project be renamed?

    I am asking due to concerns that the name is now a registered trademark claimed by Apple, which also dominates us in Google searches.  The trademark should never have been accepted by the USPTO, as Apple registered it in 2002 when our KeyNote had already been popular for two years.  Even if it can be disputed, there is still the fact that "keynote" is a popular word that will always cause nightmares when searching for it, and this will likely hinder efforts to make the program stand out in the world.

    I know it is sad to think about changing the name of our beloved KeyNote, but it is looking like the logical choice :(

    What are your thoughts?  Should a new name be used for "KeyNote 2"?  If so, do you have any suggestions?

    • Fred

      Fred - 2007-05-07

      For a newer different version a new name would fit but i tried some names in google and you always find something.

      • Keynote User

        Keynote User - 2008-11-12

        Here is your answer:


        The URL is owned by a newspaper, but otherwise, it would be an easy way to distinguish this from Apple's KeyNote in Google searches, etc.

        Go for it!

    • mermerset

      mermerset - 2007-05-11

      There's always so much riding on a name. I'd prefer quite strongly to retain the name as it is: KeyNote. But a few thoughts/questions:

      1) Other considerations aside, Apple's trademarking of its product with the same name does not ban our beloved "KeyNote 1.6.5" from continuing to use its current name, right? Is there a concern about this now because the 'upgrade' to version 2 requires our product's name to be registered anew? In other words, can we -- legally – still use the old name anyway for version 2.0? If NOT, and if there is no way to legally reclaim the trademark from Apple, then I'd go for a name change.

      2) For other considerations like name popularity/searchability, you'd be the best judge. I'd go for a name change if it's crucial in making the software stand out and if making it stand out would ensure sustained development of the program. If NOT, then I see no reason to change the name, except if using the current name would be illegal.

      3) If a name change is absolutely necessary, I hope the word “keynote” can still be retained somewhere in the new name. Suggestions, if it does come down to changing the name:  TabNote | OpenKeyNote | KeyNode | OneKey | NoteKey

      What about the SourceForge project called “OpenNote”? ( Not much activity there. Any connection between that project and our beloved KeyNote? That name would've been nice.

      Finally... while I agree this needs careful consideration, I also hope it won't deflect attention away from developing KeyNote.

    • Shlomo Shizgal

      Shlomo Shizgal - 2007-05-20

      While KeyNote was a good name, I definitely think the name should be changed for future development.

      Aside from the trademark issues, I find it almost impossible to search for anything Keynote-related on Google, due to the widespread use of the word in general, and the use of the term in the context of software products.

      Even a minor name change would probably contribute greatly to searchability, for example, Keynote II or Keynote - the Sequel.

    • lennart

      lennart - 2007-07-13

      KeyTwote 0 hits on google :-)
      Or KeIInote (keiinote) (how is that pronounced in english?)

    • lvl

      lvl - 2008-12-10

      KBnote as knowledge base note
      koolNote as Cool Note



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