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  • FC117

    FC117 - 2007-08-07

    cross platform similar to keynote

    • Ken Rushia

      Ken Rushia - 2007-08-08

      This was mentioned in another thread, so it's on my list (not as a replacement, but as a program to analyze as we come up with a "KeyNote 2" plan.)

    • Anonymous - 2007-10-25

      About NoteCase...

      I have converted my Keynote data files to NoteCase. Here's how:

      Export the Keynote file using the File->Export dialog.
      * Keynote's Export dialog *MUST* have these options set:
      * -- Source. What to export: ALL notes
      * -- Format of exported files: plaintext
      * -- Directory for exported files: ... your choice ...
      * -- Include Note Headings off.
      * -- Include Node Headings on, with optional data: "@@@ %L %D"
      *    note: do not specify the quote marks in the dialog
      * The resulting file is suitable for use by the GJots2 program.

      Process the exported file using the conversion utility: knt2gjot2.
      The file can be found here:
      The .zip file contains a readme, source code (C), and a Linux executable.

      knt2gjot <keynote.txt >gjotfile.gjot2

      Now, import the GJot2 file using NoteCase's File->Import dialog.
      NoteCase imports native GJot2 files.

      Please read the fine print in the source file!


    • RaelB

      RaelB - 2008-02-26

      Hello people,

      I'd like to bring to your attention a newly released commercial note-taking program, with features quite similar to what you may have imagined for KeyNote 2.0:

      Keynote users will feel very at home using this application. Familiar tabbed notebook interface with hierarchical tree to hold notes. Many shortcuts are the same. F9 brings out the resource panel. KeyNote file import preserves most formatting from KeyNote files.

      Special features:
      supports different note types including:
      - word processing note type: supports RTF formatting as well as images, tables, OLE objects and hyperlinks.
      - spreadsheet note type: supports most excel functions, yet still lightweight. can import from and export to excel files. rows can be sorted. well suited for list types notes, to-do lists etc..
      - source code note type: supports syntax highlighting for most common languages
      - can change from one note type to another.
      - virtual notes

      Efficient memory design:
      - only loads note when required, so large files load almost the same speed as small files.
      - only save changed notes.

      Database backend:
      - uses fast and light database backend which ensures small file size and fast load/save times even after file becomes large.
      - compression mode results in small file size (even smaller than KeyNote file!). Compression can be turned off and on.

      you can take a look here:

      Rael Bauer

    • sracer

      sracer - 2008-03-01

      As a heavy keynote user, I found RightNote amazingly similar.  I might be convinced to cough up the $$$ to register RightNote, but I have a policy of not purchasing software that offers only email support.  If there were a forum where developers and users can discuss issues and report bugs, then that would change things.

    • Richard Maurel

      Richard Maurel - 2008-03-01

      There are some very good free/open-source alternative to Keynote. Notecase, of couruse, but there more useful software (IMHO) :

      - NeoMem
      - WikiPad

         Neomem is not updated since March 2006 but the development is not stopped. This soft is very good with some features not in Keynote.  ( )

         WiliPad is an amazing tool (you need Python on your computer : Python is another great tool ! ): I defitively switched on Wipad (and for some very specific projects on NeoMem but WikiPad is now my PIM of choice. It is open source, actively developped, supported, multiplatform, etc. etc.

         Before purchasing the licence of RightNote try out WikiPad (or NeoMem) I think you will be completely satisfied. I have planned to port the source code of Keynote on Freepascal/Lazarus but it is in fact a huge amount work (that is right RaelB ) but I realize it will be more useful to re-develop the whole code from scratch (and it is a huge huge work !) and when I found and try WikiPad I gave up because it is a very good tool (and open source !)

    • Pat Erler

      Pat Erler - 2008-03-09

      as i see it, rightnote is an almost perfect clone of keynote with a lot of benefits (spreadsheet notes and others). it imports keynote files perfectly and when my tests don't find anything disturbing i'll happily shell out $30..

      for a support forum, just ask the author, he may have not thought about it..

    • sracer

      sracer - 2008-03-17

      Hi Richard.  I'm already using WikidPad and love it.  Not only does it run on my Windows systems, but runs on my XO laptop (One Laptop Per Child notebook) under Linux.  However WikidPad is not a good replacement for tree-organized data.  It is better suited for non-hierarchical data.

      The tree view panel isn't a tree that can be used to manipulate the organization of data.

    • sracer

      sracer - 2008-03-17

      Pat... They're running a special deal. The first 20 people to buy it pay only $19.95.  I kicked the tires enough to know that as-is it is worth $20.  So I'm in.... just awaiting the reception of my license key.

    • Pat Erler

      Pat Erler - 2008-03-17

      sracer, thanks, i know, i took the special deal and i'm completely satisfied. the author its very responsive, he even added one small feature from keynote which was missing in rightnote (esc minimizes the program) and he said he will open a forum some time, when the program took hold.

      some features he added to keynote (without making it bloat):

      - copy/paste of whole tree's (so you can finaly copy the structure of a project to another)
      - code viewer with syntax hilighting
      - excel viewer and (limited, but fast and enough for me) editor so you can finally have tables/lists as notes
      - usable search over the whole notes file
      - pasted pictures in notes, yeah..
      - print dialogue works
      - great exporter to various formats
      - icons/colors/fonts in the tree, very usefull to keep the overview

      what's missing but on his list: text statistics (word count) which i meanwhile work around by temporarily pasting the text into keynote

      everything else is exactly as it was in keynote, down to most shortcuts and, especially, speed and overall feeling.

    • denyo

      denyo - 2008-05-16

      Rightnote looks very nice. However it is lacking one curicial feature from Keynote which is file drag and drop to tree. Keynote even asks what kind of import you want.

    • eng60340

      eng60340 - 2008-06-01

      my notes keeper !

      supports unicode, encryption, huge database size, tables, customised shortcuts, imports from keynote, exportable, runs from usb, file attachment to notes.
      (sorry.. just discovered it yesterday and was blown away)
      still being supported.

    • RaelB

      RaelB - 2008-06-12

      Hi Kursad,

      That is a useful suggestion, and has been included in the latest version. You are welcome to contact us should you have any other requests.



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