Serious Bug? Search option deleted my nodes!

  • Keynote User

    Keynote User - 2008-11-12

    In the current version (1.7.3), found what I think is a serious bug that deleted my data.

    In the search sidebar, I chose the "Filter Tree note" option, to see what it does. I performed the search, and then all of the nodes in the tree were deleted EXCEPT for the nodes containing the search term.

    Fortunately, I backed up my data before doing this. Is this really a bug, and can it be fixed?

    • Daniel Prado Velasco

      Hello, I recommend you to post your queries and bugs about new version of KeyNote (1.7.0 and above) in the forum of the corresponding project (KeyNote - New features)

      And what you think is a bug it isn't really a bug. In fact, that nodes were not really deleted but simply hidden. You can see that there is several new buttons in the toolbar: one with a checked box in red, and the tooltip "Show or Hide Checknodes" and onother with tooltip "Apply Filter on tree note". You can see that after your search last button (filter) y pressed. Nodes containing the search term are resalted in blue, and are visible. Parents of this nodes are visible too.
      Either of this two new buttons can hide or show nodes.

      That's a new functionality of the new KeyNote. In my project there are a few snapshot that show that functionality in action.
      Besides, in the history.txt you have the new features described, too. There is also a blog (in spanish, sorry..)

      Of course, is a best practice to always backup your files. I allways did, with Marek version, and now with my one.


      • Keynote User

        Keynote User - 2008-11-12

        oops! Sorry. I suspected this was a "feature not a bug" which is why I posted here first, rather than the bug tracker.

        From a user perspective, I think that new feature could be made a little more intuitive, somehow. Though I guess Keynote is always going to be a power-user tool full of idiosyncracies that only a power-user could love :-).

        Anyway, I am thrilled that Keynote now supports tables!  What a find to discover that Keynote is being developed (semi) actively on Source Forge. I am very excited and grateful for the update.


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