msel - 2007-09-04

The export function of keynote does not work on many windows operating systems.
If you have this problem and you to want to export to html (without creating a rtf file and converting this), here is a workaround:
1. Export your keynote file to treepad: Use Export to Treepad Shareware
2. Download this freeware-program from the Treepad Website:
3. Convert your treepad file with the ebookcreator.
4. Open your converted treepad file (it an exe file now) - you will see it will have the same formatted text
5. Select the root and then Print | Subtree from the menu
6. You will be asked which program you want to use to print the file. Select webbrowser.
7. Your file will be opened in the webbrowser where you can save it as an html file.

Pictures are not shown in the created html, if you have any in your keynote file.

Greetings, Maria!