Starting a collection to hire a programmer?

  • lennart

    lennart - 2008-02-17

    Seeing all this persons over the world who use keynote and looking desperately for a descender (including me)... i thought of the following:

    why not collect money and hire a programmer to write a keynote version 2? It should be afterwards opensource and so, but that could be discussed. I'm able to donate some money and i know others will to. If we can collect enough money, we can someone let write for us.

    Is this an idea? Of course, there are some problems to be solved (like: who's managing the money ;-) but that are  secondary questions.

    • lennart

      lennart - 2008-02-17

      Secondary questions are for example:
      * who's in charge with the collected money?
      - maybe we can contact a reliable opensource company to act like an intermediar

      * what kind of language?
      - i suggest that it should be a crossplatform program, so i think of QT4

      * what are the basic features?
      - like keynote: tabbed & treestructure. Fast. But also capable of handling tables and pictures. Maybe other kind of notes (some database-like notes?) extensions, api, multilanguage (i'm offering to translate ;-) etc

      * what kind of license?
      - opensource of course. But i don't know


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