Do you use KeyNote?

Ken Rushia
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  • Ken Rushia

    Ken Rushia - 2007-03-12

    I do, and I'm wondering how many others still use this awesome program.  Post here to give us programmers some motivation to dive into the code.

    • Michel Dessaintes


    • mermerset

      mermerset - 2007-04-02

      Yes, yes, yes! For years !
      I visit SourceForge every now and then hoping KeyNote 2.0 is already out. Each time, nothing. And I should've already given up, but you see now I've just created an account with SourceForge just so I could post and let you know that yes yes, I DO still use KeyNote! There aren't a few of us loyal users of KeyNote. Unfortunately, not everyone can find this quiet little forum here.

      I already went out looking for a Keynote replacement, for two reasons:

      1) KeyNote's inability to create OUTLINE numbered/bulleted lists.

      2) One KeyNote file can get so big that loading and performance significantly slow down, oftentimes to a crawl. You folks already know why. A workaround is to break the file up to smaller files, which needless to say defeats the purpose of having an information management program/tool.

      Among the replacement wannabes I've tried (TreeDBNotes, TreePad, EverNote, to name a few), it was unfortunately Microsoft's OneNote that had what I was looking for: #1 and #2 above. Plus:

      1) It organises all your OneNote files into a folder tree structure that's readily accessible via a drop-down menu. Very very useful in navigating through files.

      2) You can type or place image anywhere within a page and drag these around and attach anywhere within the page like scraps of paper. Quite useful when writing.

      Other than these, I really couldn't care less about OneNote's other features and even the 'trendy' UI. Why do I still prefer KeyNote over OneNote?

      1) In OneNote, it's difficult to sort/rearrange (what we call in KeyNote as) nodes and notes. That I can drag and drop anything almost anywhere within KeyNote is a HUGE plus for managing information. KeyNote is so much easier to use in many respects.

      2) Like most MS products, OneNote is a bit too bloated a program for me. Too many unnecessary features.

      3) I know zilch about programming, but I'm an advocate of free/open source software (FSOSS). OneNote is Microsoft's. That says it all.

      I just spent precious productive time typing out this message, in the hope someone out there is 'listening'. Maybe this (my desperation) wouldn't be enough motivation for you "to dive into the code" but I hope you guys would really get on with the long overdue upgrade/rewrite/overhaul of "this awesome program." 

      Please. Don't let this pricelessware slip into oblivion.

    • MagnoliaSouth

      MagnoliaSouth - 2007-04-02

      Dive in! Dive in! Please, please PLEASE DIVE IN!

      I just love this little guy. I only discovered it a few days ago and I'm already hooked. Wild elephants cannot drag me away from my computer right now as I have a new toy to play with. :D

      I cannot emphasize enough how very helpful this thing is. I mean seriously. I wish I had known about it. I'd have used this a long time ago if I had. *sobs*

      Now couple this with Freemind and OpenOffice and oh my GAWD, it's almost better than sex. Well... almost. ;)

      So for anyone who is considering working on this, I would love to see it enhanced. I'm not a programmer in the least, but I'm good at coming up with ideas for improvement and testing. I'd be happy to beta test anything. Just let me know!

    • mermerset

      mermerset - 2007-04-02

      yes, volunteer beta tester here too!

    • Tim

      Tim - 2007-04-11

      Man, oh do I!  I have been contemplating on and off getting a few bids on what it would take financially to hire a programmer to integrate tables into the source code.  This is the only thing really missing functionally from Keynote to me (besides a useable calendar).  Also, I wish you could import and export the look and feel of your colors and fonts.  It's a real pain to set it up on different computers the way you like it.  I've tried copying different files in the Keynote directory to see if that info is contained in a file there with no such luck yet.  Maybe it's in the registry somewhere?  I know NOTHING about programming so I don't even know how hard it is to change these two things.  I know Delphi is at least somewhat popular and since the code is freely available I would think it couldn't be too terribly difficult to add table functionality, at least.  It would be GREAT if there were other's interested that might want to chip in to pay someone.

      It looks like Scrybe might be a fantastic solution that could take care of much of what I use Keynote for and more, since Keynote has no real calendar functionality.

      Scrybe is here is you haven't seen it yet:

      The video preview shows much of what's it's capable of.

    • penno2

      penno2 - 2007-04-17

      Yes! It's a central part of managing my day (I'm in IT Security). Would love to see someone pick this up.

    • K. Christoph Keller

      YES YES YES!

      I use it in futures research for organizing all my environmental-scanning stuff an my methods-database.

      I'm willing to volunteer as a beta-tester and of course for supplying ideas for improvement (which I have many).

      Subscribed to Sourceforge only to be able to post this message!


    • johnboy44

      johnboy44 - 2007-04-24

      Absolutely!  I use it to store job-critical information.  I have tried other solutions, none of which have been as lightweight, keyboard-friendly, and reliable as KeyNote.  I am not a programmer, but I would be happy to beta test. 
      Like another user, KeyNote is so important to me that I registered to just to post to this forum.  I would like to see development restart/continue.

    • Matthew K

      Matthew K - 2007-04-24

      I use it often... to keep track of information I need to remember and for taking notes for my classes.

      I think there are many people out there that use Keynote that saw the note about Keynote not being updated anymore, and now do not come looking for updates because they do not expect any.  There simply was not a Keynote community-- just a lot of individual users.


    • Fred

      Fred - 2007-04-25

      All the time, both at home and at work.  I, like many others I'm sure, stop in occasionally in the hope of hearing some new news about ongoing development.  I've checked out other possible alternatives but am not satisfied with any of them. It's a shame that such a wonderful tool has come to a dead end. I would love to see this great piece of software get updated and move on to the next level.

    • Fred

      Fred - 2007-05-01

      I still do, it is easy to use.
      I have done a very (very) small experiment with a treeview and a sqlite database just for storing the data from each item separate in a database file so only the data needed was loaded.

    • Terri

      Terri - 2007-05-01

      Yes, absolutely. I use it for everything and can't live without it -- it's like my brain's secondary storage. It's right up there with my email and financial data when it comes to backing up each day. Every now and then I check to see if development has resumed, or if maybe there's something else to try, and that's why I just registered here to post.

      I've tried quite a few other note programs, and nothing is acceptable. I would love to see someone pick up KeyNote development, even if it's just to make sure the current version continues to work as operating systems are updated. That's always my biggest concern, that the next Windows Update will totally screw up all the older software I'm running. Not being a programmer (well, COBOL, but that won't get me far), I'd have no clue what to do with the source code to make it work.

      I'd be happy to help test.

    • mermerset

      mermerset - 2007-05-02

      Hey Ken Rushia,
      and other programmers listening in...

      A growing number of Keynote users here are heeding your call. Please give us some hope, some sign that something has started to move. Keynote simply an indispensable tool. Don't let it fade away.

      I hope more would post to this thread and keep up the pressure.

      • Ken Rushia

        Ken Rushia - 2007-05-03

        I have been investigating two different routes for working on the program.  I'll try to contact Marek next week to get some opinions, and I will try to put together a pros/cons comparison for us to decide which route to take.

        The first choice is to port the existing code to Free Pascal.  Might be faster in the short term but hard to maintain in the long term.
        The second choice is to recreate the program (perhaps borrowing code from other open-source projects (like TreeLine, BasKet, etc.)).  Will likely take longer, but a fresh start will allow us to make a better framework.

    • Shlomo Shizgal

      Shlomo Shizgal - 2007-05-07

      Yes I use KeyNote constantly, and I would love to see development resumed.

      I would be willing to contribute some time to the cause, but right now my time is pretty limited.

      If there are other regular KeyNote users reading this, I'm trying to track down a plugin that would allow you to have a panel that displayed search results. I vaguely remember this from a few years ago, but I have not been able to track it down. Would appreciate any leads.



      • Ken Rushia

        Ken Rushia - 2007-05-07

        I think you are referring to the panel that comes with Keynote.  You may need to enable it by right-clicking on the sidebar, or hit the left/right scroll buttons on the sidebar to find it.

        • Shlomo Shizgal

          Shlomo Shizgal - 2007-05-20


          Thanks for the explanation about the Find panel - that's exactly what happened - I had narrowed the panel at some point and couldn't see that there were other tabs available.

          Good to know I'm not going senile.

      • Keynote User

        Keynote User - 2008-11-12

        I am a heavy user of keynote - there are few outliner programs that can compare to its simplicity, ease of use, and power, even after all these years with no development. Anything I can do to help keep development going, I will.

    • Stefan Chirila

      Stefan Chirila - 2007-05-18


      I use Keynote for almost 6 months now. It's a very good tool for outlining. It is somehow limited, but I won't talk now about its limitations.
      I am a developer, and I did program in Delphi for a couple of years (that was 2 years ago). The thought of looking in the sources did cross my mind, when I saw the limited print support that Keynote has.
      At the moment I don't have too much time, because of a paper I have to write. But from beginning of July I will be able to take a better look at it.
      This project should be indeed revived, and it will be.


    • Archaeomanda

      Archaeomanda - 2007-06-03

      I've only just heard of KeyNote, and I think it looks like a very promising program.  I would love to see it revived.

    • poolg

      poolg - 2007-06-18

      OUI !!

      Moi aussi je l'utilise et j'aimerais bien que quelqu'un reprenne le developement de KeyNote !

      Merci pour ce merveilleux logiciel !!

      NOTE 9/10


    • Richard Maurel

      Richard Maurel - 2007-06-20


        For Ken, in my opinion, it seems to be a good choice to port KeyNote on FreePascal because FreePascal/Lazarus are very close to Delphi/objectPascal and multiplatform. I don't know why it will be hard to maintain but I think you have good reasons to tell that.
      I planned to do that in a couple of monthes. If you choose this solution, contact me (or put a post here) because I could help you. The main problem is - for me of course - to have the whole structure of the program KeyNote. If Marek can give you that, I could write some units or class according to your specifications.


    • Onno Broekmans

      Onno Broekmans - 2007-07-08

      Just downloaded KeyNote again, after having bought a new computer a few months ago. I suddenly missed this enormously flexible program; also, I haven't been able to find any other program that does what KeyNote does so well.

      Being sort-of-an amateur Delphi developer myself, I have also played with this idea once, so I can only cheer you :) I'll try to keep posted on this forum, now that there's a tiny sparkle of hope that development will continue...

      Yours sincerely,


    • biltong11

      biltong11 - 2007-07-10

      After using KeyNote for a number of years, I too do not want to see it disappear.

      While I have coded "socially" in Delphi in the past, I am willing to assist whever possible and as time permits.  This program is too valuable to lose!


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