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v1.7.9 Beta 6

A new Beta is available:

v Beta (03 jan 2016)

It includes the following issues:

536 Various corrections and improvements (fixes also several bugs introduced in Beta 5)
217 Setting or Changing a node name using an Asian IME garble the name
534 Corrections related to encoding (ANSI / UTF8)
410 Unicode BOM characters randomly inserted into ANSI Virtual Node text files
537 Possible elimination of images on a ReadOnly note (in W10)
520 Scroll on note when switching notes (includes an important optimization, see issue)
408 Show word count in status bar: makes keynote lag enormously with long texts
495 Cannot display system file properties window
328 Expression > Paste last result: Wrong behaviour after error in evaluation
179 Should be 12PM not 12AM

Posted by Daniel Prado Velasco 2016-01-03

v1.7.9 Beta 5

A new Beta is available:

v1.7.9.5 Beta (26 dec 2015)

It includes the following issues:

533 : New option: "Paste external as plain text"
532 : Improvements on Clip Web and Clipboard Capture
523 : Use Paste as Text by default when pasting into plain text note
528 : Minor improvements in links
526 : "Search all notes" in Find dialog and panel should be decoupled
529 : Paste Font Attributes destroy selected hyperlinks when applied (in Richedit <= 5.0)
524 : Problem with MS Sans Serif in Windows 10 in certain situations
530 : Allow the use of newer versions of RichEdit
286 : Extend node search capability to search all notes-tabs
415 : Clicking on a tab should not change its position when "Multiline tabs" is selected
411 : Word Wrap Issue / #77: Note display corrupted on resizing
457 : virtual node files can't be backed up
456 : Search regression with Beta 4
Correction over issue #403: Hyperlinks should accept any URI protocols (as callto or ms-help, among others)... read more

Posted by Daniel Prado Velasco 2015-12-26

See you in GOOGLE CODE

Issues and posts have already been migrated to Google Code:

There is a discussion group:

I will be glad to see you there.

Posted by Daniel Prado Velasco 2008-11-27

Google Code

I'm migrating to Google Code:
Issues in trackers (bugs, feature request,) have been moved to tab Issues.
Soon I will close Forums in SourceForge and move actual posts to a new Google Groups.

In the Google Code Hosting, KeyNote NF source code will be available through Subversion.

Posted by Daniel Prado Velasco 2008-11-26

KeyNote can use and show Tables correctly

There is a new version that improves table management. Now, it is possible to use and show tables correctly inside KeyNote.
- This improvement is available from Windows XP SP1, by means of "msftedit.dll"
- At the moment, to control the design of these tables you must use other programs like Excel
or Word and paste then into your keynote file

Posted by Daniel Prado Velasco 2008-09-28

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