Status report

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking, despite some people's best efforts otherwise. ;)

And yes, I'm still working on the Keychain framework. Progress is slow, that's undeniable. For the last three months I've been working at Apple, which has taken up most of my coding energy. I'm starting to recover some of that, but uni starts against in two weeks, which as always will screw everything up.

So, there's been a fair bit of interest in the framework, but usually with the same queries - why is the version in CVS broken, what's actually supported, is it abandoned, etc. So, let's set the record straight:

1) It's not abandoned. I have no intention of abandoning the framework in the foreseeable future.
2) It's not supported by Apple. My work at Apple is unrelated.
3) Technically the whole framework is supported, by myself. In reality, there are a lot of known issues. The core functionality - keychain stuff, general cryptography, etc - is known to work. Not necessarily flawlessly, but without any major issues that I know of. Other than that, anything with a Tester is supported and - by virtue of the Tester's existence - verified to work. For anything that hasn't been covered yet, contact me if you're worried.
4) Yes, I'm a bad, bad man... I've left the top of tree in an unusable state. I'm really, really sorry about that. Honestly. I'm working hard to fix that - and I'm close! - but until then, just use the latest prepackaged release.

I'm always happy to hear from current and would-be users, and of course love receiving patches from others. And of course I will always do my best to deal with any showstoppers people encounter - just contact me. I never make any promises so far as timelines go, but I will do my best.

Posted by Wade Tregaskis 2006-02-10

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