Tiger update

I've finally added the XCode 2.0+ project file to CVS, which is the only up to date one at the moment (I'll update the 1.5 one soonish, hopefully).

Unfortunately, it's been brought to my attention by a thoughtful user that there's some bugs in Tiger relating to key & certificate handling (full extent unknown). I'm working on these at the moment, but there's quite a number of them, and I'm not sure what the root cause (if there is a single cause) is as yet... I'll keep people posted.

For the moment, all the basic cryptographic stuff seems to work fine... just some of the finer details of key management and certificates.

I'll also be performing regression testing on Panther and possibly Jaguar, soon. Panther compatability is the primary aim, and Jaguar also if it's easily possible.

Posted by Wade Tregaskis 2005-07-28

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