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KevEdit 0.5.1

After a brief rest, KevEdit 0.5.1 is officially released. Many bugs have been exterminated, and DOSBox support is added to the Linux version.

Posted by Kevin Vance 2005-07-03

KevEdit 0.5.0 Released

This version finally includes native support for Win32 and Linux from the same codebase. SDL is used to provide access to video and sound on these platforms.

New features, like block copy, have been added; and several bugs have been squashed.

Posted by Kevin Vance 2002-12-06

KevEdit 0.3.3 Released

Exciting new changes:
Bug fixed in save dialog
Bug fixed when cutting on a single line
Fixed small memory leak when storing objects with truncated object code
Board Info implemented
CTRL used instead of ALT in copy/paste
Hypertext help system implemented using help metafile
Better path awareness -- ZZT worlds can be in any directory
Improved floodfill system using selections
Kolor selector
ZZL support

Posted by Kevin Vance 2001-10-27

KevEdit 0.3.2 Released

It's been a long time, but there have been new features languishing in CVS for a while, and we all thought that a release should be done. Future KevEdit work is kinda up in the air, though.

Posted by Kevin Vance 2001-10-04

KevEdit 0.3.1 Released

KevEdit 0.3.1 contains many improvements over the previous release, such as import/export in the ZZT-OOP editor and text entry mode in the board editor.

Posted by Kevin Vance 2000-10-22

KevEdit 0.3 released

Version 0.3 contains a full ZZT-OOP editor. More sidebar tiles have been implemented as well.

Posted by Kevin Vance 2000-08-25

KevEdit 0.2 released

Version 0.2 of KevEdit is complete. Many bugs in have been squashed since 0.1, and several new features have been added, such as flood fill and windows9X support.

Posted by Kevin Vance 2000-08-08

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