A Kernow newbie question: how are Schema namespace prefixes & URIs registered in Kernow in order to execute XPath queries involving the prefix?  I entered prefix & URI in the Namespace Bindings for the XQuery Sandbox GUI (Save and Close, then reopened to confirm the values persist).  Although Kernow executes non-prefixed queries on the document (e.g., /*/*) without a problem, with an XPath expression including the namespace prefix, (say,  doc("component.xml"/spirit:component) XQuery Sandbox issues the following error message:
XQuery static error in #...nent.xml")/spirit:component#:
Prefix spirit has not been declared; Line#: 4; Column#: 1
I'm running Kernow 1.6.1 on 64-bit Windows7 (and encounter the same problem with Kernow 1.7).
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