I am on WindowsXP SP2 and downloaded SaxonSA version along with a 30 day evaluation license today.
I configured my classpath (Java 1.6.x) through the system environment variables to see Saxon9sa.jar and the license and I got a transform running on the command line with through that class path.
I then downloaded and installed the latest version of Kernow and followed the instructions copying saxon9sa.jar, saxon9sa-jaxp.jar & saxon9sa-qc.jar and saxon-license.lic into the Kernow\lib directory.
When I then launched Kernow with Run.bat the title bar tells me "Kernow 1.6.1 - Saxon - Basic" and the schema aware options are greyed out (same if I doubleclick launch Kernow.exe or Kernow.jar).
I then went into Kernow.lib and removed saxon9.jar (leaving saxon9sa.jar) then launch through Run.bat the titile bar now tells me "Kernow 1.6.1 - Saxon - saxon.lic not found!". Obviously this looked like progress but to me as Kernow is now looking at the right JAR though it can't see the license even though it is in the same directory (Kernow\lib).
Your help much appreciated,
Best Regards