thanks for your replay, Danny

pretty sure about the prolog error since message includes an option (Stylus Studio) to jump to the source of the error, in this case, the CSV file is opened with the cursor sitting at the beginning.

Will take a look at the Crane stylesheet...think I have already downloaded it, just have not tried it yet.

My main concern is the likely variability of cell content.  For example, publishers ONIX product records are encoded by folks with different levels of knowledge of ONIX for books; frequently includes HTML markup in some elements (something that is easy to solve however with the workflow I alluded to).

My objective is to provide an affordable option for libraries that would allow them to use a couple of stylesheets to transform CSV versions of spreadsheets with the library application I mentioned (MarcEdit, created by the inestimable Terry Reece, the Ohio State University).

thanks again,
dana (danny to my mom)

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 8:41 PM, Dan Vint <> wrote:
At 06:25 PM 7/15/2013, you wrote:
>The transformation could not get beyond the initial look at the
>source file; error message something to the effect, something not
>allowed in the prolog.

Are you are sure the error was about the file being processed and not
the stylesheet? Sometimes the files will get extra characters before
the xml prolog statement. You might want to check that.

As far as valid CSV that just depends upon who wrote the spec for the
stylesheet as to what they expect to find. The prolog error message
you mention sounds like an issue with the XSLT not the source file
you are processing. If you want to test the source file, I would just
take a couple of rows of the file, and clean them up. So I would look
at the use of quotes (single and double), MS products like to
substitute curly quotes and long dashes which can be hard to spot.
I'm not familiar with this stylesheet, but I'm assuming it is looking
for tabs as the separation character, so you might want to look for
missing tabs such that not all the columns are there. Basically I
would simplify the source as much as possible to create a test source
file to verify you have everything working.

If you still can't get it to work, Ken Holman has a  general purpose
CSV processing stylesheet that you might want to try out as well.

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