I want to run XQuery on medium to large files (from 100 MB to 600 MB of html code).


If I run the query on a portion of these files that is smaller than 100 MB, everything runs well ...

As soon as I want to run the query on the complete file, Kernow runs for a while and then it seems it does not run at all anymore, eventhough I do not get the hand back.

CPU consumption goes from 30%-50% down to 1%-3%.

Memory consumption went high ...from 700 MB up to 1,3 GB but I have plenty memory left.


I have changed the JRE parameters to -Xmx1024m or even –Xmx2048m  (within the control panel /java/java/java runtime environment parameter settings)

But it does not change anything ... I still have this magic limit of 100MB of data I can run an xQuery onto.


What can I do? Where can I tell Kernow to effectively use more memory? Or is the problem another one?


I run a windows XP SP3 PC with 4GB of physical mem