CVS modules

  • Florent Georges

    Florent Georges - 2007-05-28

      Hi Andrew

      As the sources are not shipped with the 1.5 beta archives, I've just checked out the sources from the CVS repository.  I'm far from being a CVS expert, but I think that just below the repository, it is best to create one module (one directory) for each different project.  For instance Kernow, CheckXML, etc.

      As for now, below the repository, there are the directories src, test, etc.  It is not easy to check out the Kernow sources (you have to check out each directory or file as a different module).

      Maybe that could be worth fixing that?

      Best regards,


    • Andrew Welch

      Andrew Welch - 2007-06-22

      I've now moved Kernow into its own module in SVN, and removed access to the older CVS.


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