#29 Crash during syntax check in XSLT stand-alone

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In the XML field I entered a simple HTML table. In the XSLT field I copied the XSLT from http://ajwelch.blogspot.com/2006/09/table-normalization-in-xslt-20.html

In one of the templates I wanted to enter an <xsl:if test=""><xsl:attribute.../></xsl:if>

The first crash happened after entering <xsl:if test="

I waited a few moments to think about what to enter, or I entered . != 1 as a message appeared in the output frame "Fatal Error (###): < not allowed in value of attribute test" -- which is true, but should not crash the software.

In a second test I finished the <xsl:if> more quickly but got hit a few moments later while writing the <xsl:attribute> element, this time with only the yellow line, no message.

- Michael M.-H.


  • Andrew Welch

    Andrew Welch - 2011-01-03


    This was a problem with the Bounce "editorkit" for the JEditPane... I've upgraded it to the latest version which contains the fix for this problem.

  • Andrew Welch

    Andrew Welch - 2011-01-03
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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