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Kephra 0.4.3 released

after nearly a year with tons of bug fixes and plenty new features, most importantly ... its finally utf save and install via cpan works.

we now have marker, new context menu, the long version is:

* utf handling
+ open, change and save utf files
+ new document property: encoding
+ autodetect, read and write utf files
+ status field codepage
[ added encoding menu under document > encoding
! conversion may still be problem
! utf menu label work again
* Marker
+ goto prev|next [global], set/unset or delete marker
+ set/unset marker and bookmarks by mouse
+ session file stores marker positions
[ marker nav in searchbar
[ new bookmark icons (jenne++)
+ new tools
+ color picker
+ output selection in dec and hex
+ output %ENV
+ notepad has line move and goto search bar
~ templates moved into tools folder
+ reworked UI
+ romanian localisation
+ loading statusbar from config
+ statusbar has context help while mouse hover
" added keys app > statusbar > file and app > statusbar > node
[ contextmenus are more visually synced with statusbar
+ new main window modes
+ fullscreen mode
+ max editpanel mode (disables all bars)
+ transparent mode
+ you can combine stay on top and transparent mode with Ctrl+Alt+F11
+ end all modes with esc key
~ code folding changes
~ fold function from context menu respond to clicked location
~ change sibling to level fold
~ changed key binding, all function are now <strg|alt> [+ <shift>] + <+>
+ editpanel margin context menu
+ all context menu now are optional
+ switch menubar visibility
+ can assign icons to menus (currently on file open and close )
+ set search dialog transparency unter dialog > search > transparency
+ run script icon in main toolbar
[ some icons reworked (jenne++)
[ rearranged file and tools menu
[ splitter are now without live update, has lot less flicker
~ autoconverts of EOL are now visible and easy to undo
+ save and restore textfold state in sessions and file history
+ writes files also in missing dirs
+ refresh autosaved configs after cpan update
~ line_nr margin width autosize works now per doc
~ current dir is now always synched with current file
' updated german help-forum link
" different defaultsettings for new and opened files
! crash while folding
! all visual settings work global again
! all event react on selection correct again
! don't loose caret while find and defold
! fixed cursor pos on line move
! wrong tabbar content after some close doc events
! tab info chat in wrong tab
! bookmarks work again
! splashscreen works again
! fixed test suite

Posted by herbert breunung 2010-07-28

Kephra uses now Wx::AuiNotebook

Testversion 0.4.2 will arrive soon. The biggest visual change may be noticed in the tabbar. It will look different, because we switched from Wx::Notebook to Wx::AuiNotebook. It's less native but looks professional and the desire for movable tabs (by mouse) ruled this decision. As a consequence 4 feature had to be removed on the new tabbar: switch doc back by leftclick, custom function on middleclick, doclist contextmenu and the optional icons for new doc and close doc. Sreencasts are already there.

Posted by herbert breunung 2009-11-15

Kephra 0.4

New stable, polished and long time supported version of the Kephra editor.

Now UTF save, with new shiny UI parts like searchbar and perl output panel and most importantly new internal abstraction layer, so you can change usre language, icon sets, user commands, eventbinding, every menu or toolbar and the key binding! Next cycle will be more about extension and the extension (plugin) API.

Thanks and have joy.

Posted by herbert breunung 2008-12-07

New Testing release

is important because its the first release with extensions (but no API for it yet :)) and first release in which you get the output of your perl scripts inside the editor.

Posted by herbert breunung 2008-09-04